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    05-15-2020, 03:49 AM
    Pete replied to a thread Nostalgia in General Chat
    Wow. What a blast from the past! We're all doing well over here, just trying...
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    05-14-2020, 11:23 PM
    Taco-Calamitous replied to a thread Nostalgia in General Chat
    It's probably mostly people who have been members for 10+ years who check in...
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    You failed this challenge the last 2 times I posed it, let's shoot for number 3.

    Quote me on it.

    I did actually say various things against the fat people who were fat by choice and poor diet. At no point did I say all fat people were fat for that reason. Again, you're debating a strawman. If you restrict your rebuttals to things I've actually said, you have no argument with me.
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    I never made ANY argument of the post hoc ergo propter hoc form. No matter how many times you accuse me of it, it still never happened. Seriously your entire argument would cease to exist if you would actually read what I say before trying to argue with it.
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    Yes energy is being spent. But less than is being consumed. Your body can not store energy that does not exist.

    Never did I say twinkled were the only cause of fat. I said excess energy was the cause of fat. This is about the 10th time you've refuted the same strawman. It isn't any more my argument now than it was the first time.
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    Again, only when there isn't actually only a single cause. It's only a fallacy when it's wrong. Again we have already gone through each and every one of your 'causes', and determined that in fact, they all go back to the same single cause. It doesn't matter how energy excess is achieved. Energy excess is the only cause. Proving a dozen different ways to end up with an energy excess is not a refutation. You've only helped me to make my point
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    Yes, I proposed a single cause, and defended it. And you have utterly failed to dispute it. You've done a wonderful job of disputing the single cause you imagined that I proposed, but not the one I actually stated.

    Unlike Rowan, I have no interest in pandering to your stupidity.
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    I did, you ****ing moron. Learn to read.
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    ...Are you stupid?

    >An alternate to overeating? No.
    >A hormonal deficiency where the body may store excess fat from glucose? Yup. No overeating is required to gain weight.

    Glucose is an energy source. That's exactly an alternative to overeating to end up with excess energy.

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    No, I didn't. My challenge remains. Go ahead and quote me on that,and make your case based on the facts.

    You can't because I never actually said that. You inferred it. Again, what you pretend I said is not relevant. You're arguing with strawmen.

    No, actually my argument isn't a post hoc ergo proper hoc fallacy. My argument is based on the commonly known scientific fact that fat is how your body stores unused energy.

    You did not offer a single alternative to unused energy for the creation of fat.

    You offered alternative to overeating to ending up with excess energy.

    The root of your argument is your inability to understand the difference.
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    Holy shit, bro. Your head is far up your ass you can't even see your monitor at this point.

    For starters, please quote me on where I said anything about your mother. Or anyone's mother. The only people I actually mentioned as an individual up until that point was the fat guy in my math class and Manuel Uribe. Judging by the fact that they're both men, I'm reasonably certain neither of them were your mother. On the subject of being delusional...

    I could have told you exactly what sort of person I am. I'm a sociopath. I have no interest in your feeble minded empathy. Emotion is irrelevant to fact.

    Yes, congratulations on proving me wrong in spite of failing entirely to demonstrate a single case in which energy consumption vs. expenditure was not the cause of fat gain. again on the subject of delusion...

    People like you give me good reason to be arrogant. If somebody as stupid as you can exist, clearly I'm exceeding the average.
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    You'll have to forgive me, I tend to get a bit irate when some ignorant **** starts calling me ignorant, presumptuous, some nonsense about insulting his mother... all on the basis of his own presumptions, incompetence, and inability to read.
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    Just kind of? I need to step up my game...
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    Hey, well look at as--now you;re freeeee. Also you might as well find a better job that you actually enjoy. SO glad I quit mine. I just interning for the time being. good luck on your interview!!
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    I'm good! just busy like always. trying to have more of a life lol you??
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