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  1. btw if you ever wanted to be friends with me on PS4 my PSN is eagleeye8715 if you're interested & like i said if you ever wanted to be friends with me on PS4.

    & before you ask just in case if you don't know,if you forgot or if you can't tell i like to tell you what systems do i own so far & they are as follows Gameboy color,Gameboy Advance. PS2,PSP3000,PS4,Xbox 360 & a NES & i don't know does this count so I'll include & say that i have a Mini NES.

    Sometime ago I've connected my Xbox 360 to our wifi so both my PS4 & my Xbox 360 is connected to our wifi so you know ahead of time & so you know what's going on with me so far & so you know my PSN if you do want to friends with me on PS4 .
  2. Cloud87, sorry I'm just getting back to you. Bloodborne is my favorite game of all games ever made in the history of the world. You should get it and "collect" it, for sure. Thanks for liking my awesome moogle with a sword pic, I like it too. Can't remember where I stole it from...
  3. How was Bloodborne is it any good & is the game worth getting in my collection ?

    Anyway i love your awesome pic of a moogle with a sword in his hand awesome choice btw & thanks again for your response.
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