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    Yeah Spain is very hot in summer .How's school and your English teacher XD
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    I can't stand coca cola. I do like root beer...with a dollop of vanilla ice cream Hmm, I like peppermint tea. and sometimes I like red zinger flavor.
    You just picked something off the web just cuz it was cute? haha XD
    So you've seen Black Butler too? That's a magical coincidence...
    That's okay, I guess we'll catch up later. I guess school is getting tough, huh?
    Yeah, he's had trouble with fire from a young age, poor little monster. XD
    Ah, such a pretty language
    Okidoke! Don't worry about it, we'll talk later!
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    Cool ,How was Spain ?
    haha yeah accepted the apology but don't do it again
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    Thanks! I am HUGE Avatar the Last Airbender fan :3
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    haha! im great! been working on my story... and aliera can no longer get on here, but she is on deviantart, so when she gets it on there, (chapter 2) i will post it on here... but anyways. how are you? and where were you?
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    Hmm. Coffee makes me weird, too. I drink a lot of tea, though. So, what is your favorite drink?
    I checked out a Super Junior music video yesterday (of course I didn't understand a word, other than S.P.Y.) Their dancing moves made me laugh. I should try out some Korean food - I love spicey stuff (as long as it's served with cold milk)
    Yeah, I guess some people take it pretty seriously, but hitting people? =_='
    I had no idea Ciel's name meant sky. I should get a bigger avatar so I can see him more clearly. btw, I was wondering what your avatar is from.
    Hey! I make mistakes in cooking all the time! (I DID try to make orange chicken using tampico instead of orange juice X*) My brother set something of fire once. He tried to make a chocolate cake. XD It burnt in the oven. I was away from home and when I got back I found a jet black disk in a pan with a white peak of powder in the very center. Later he told me what happened: When he checked on it, it was on fire, so he looked around for the baking soda, grabbed laundry detergent instead, and poured that on it It was mean of me, but I laughed very hard.
    I'm never singing. End of story. <_<'
    You didn't? I thought the Seine was pronounced Sign! (silly me) :*
    Ah! I'll go check that one out. Here's another one from Dr Horrible's sing along blog: Dr. Horrible: Laundry Day - YouTube
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    Poor thing. I understand your struggle. My family recently got some roosters. They crow at dawn and if I don't get up to feed them, they cause loud rackets. Do you drink coffee?
    Wow. I didn't know who that was, I only knew the first one. He's from a movie called 'Versus' it's pretty funny and cool. Congratulations for becoming a new fan I would like to know more about 'Super Junior' what language do they sing in?
    Don't worry about it. It turns out the effects of that ruinage were temporary. I'm STILL interested in watching the Vampire Diaries and no one will ruin it for me!!!! XD
    Thirty round? As in circle round? that's cool, but that just goes to show that making up cool-sounding gobbledygook could be anything in a foreign language :&
    And I will stuff myself, but probably will be too busy writing the recipes down to enjoy it all
    No way! I'll pretend to be too busy to sing every time until you give up.
    Ooh, clever, tying the song in with me singing it, I almost fell for it, too! XP Oh, I thought they were singing about the the sun...
    I just watched 'Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog' I think it's pretty good. Have you seen it? Dr Horrible On the Rise - YouTube
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    Yeah, you do wake up pretty early, then. How do you manage to stay up?
    Well, I do get that way, I previously notched it up to cool-ness, but just now I suddenly realized it's terribly boring. >.>
    Yup, we're all weird individuals in our own ways ^_^
    Ah! Yes! Asian guys! I love their hair!
    Like this guy:

    And this guy:

    I can't believe you thought that about the Salvatore brothers.... actually, they do seem a bit like that... =_= Okay, I think you just ruined it for me XD
    Hey, c'mon, great names don't just pop out of thin air! You've gotta cultivate them over time. I was also considering just putting some random words, such as: Muffin Seeker. But then I think, why not just make-up new names? Like Versa Frestis, Magia Trentour and the like.
    Don't be silly, if I get it published, I'll send you one for free.
    Yes. Fairy tales. =)
    Ah. Thank you for translating that.
    Duo? Don't go counting your chickens before they've hatched! I meant IF I were ever to sing at all (I'm pretty embarrassed just thinking about that)
    Wow, that's a beautiful song. Probably heightened by the fact I don't speak French - yet. Ha ha! The French language requires some nasally, throaty sounds, right? That'll probably be tough.
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    6:00 AM? Is the sun even up that early?
    I get boring sometimes, too (specifically when I make stir-fry 2 nights in a row) "it's not my fault!!!!!"
    Okay, you need noises....that's not a little weird...
    Italian guys? But they're always moving their hands around while they talk. Sort of annoys me... (unless you're talking about the Salvatore brothers from "The Vampire Diaries" series, that's another matter) I haven't met enough Spanish guys to make a ruling on them yet, but I've got my hopes up!
    Oooh! I love Tatiana, it's so - not me! Okay, I'll invent some: Ursula Burns, Rhett Groll (that's a guy's name, but it struck me as "whoa-ish", Alexandria Morrison... I'll think up more.
    You may read it, if I get it published. There are still some things I should iron out with the plot - such as the ending. :/
    Once upon a time? I hardly ever hear that, but it evokes happy thoughts.
    What does this mean: Ils nous ont donné des tonnes de devoirs ŕ faire pour demain?
    Hmm. My voice is really whiny (did I mention that?) so at most I'll just stick to humming in the background. ^_^'
    That French song was amazing. I wish I knew what he was saying, all I recognized was 'Soul Man'
    That's it! I should find a CD and start learning French.
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    Yeah, I'm sorta mean, but I'm trying to change You're so not boring! You're a refreshingly awesome person!
    Aw, that's completely normal. Silence makes me jittery, too! Bruises? What on earth are you talking about? From what?
    No good-looking guys? Come on, all French guys are hot, but I guess when you speak the language, that changes things? Don't worry, I'm sure they'll pop up when you least expect it.
    Well, I'm not surprised. Everyone I've told wants to read it (I have to stop doing that), but that would be embarrassing for me. I've been thinking about getting the thing published under a different name, too, so that no one I know finds out... But I'd have to come up with a cool name that has nothing to do with me...
    You can't read your stuff or watch a video? c'est de la torture! (I've been repeating that wherever I go, I really love that phrase so much!) I myself have trouble going back and reading stuff. Some of my early work seems childish to me, but you gotta start somewhere, right? And we're always improving...
    You are absolutely right. I had no idea you did that! Oh, man! Music? That's amazing! 'My heart will go on' is a beautiful choice of song and I'm sure you'll do great. Sing like you mean it, girl! Blow 'em away!
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    Lol you interpreted it correctly! I'm doing pretty well, just got home from work though, so that's pretty much a given xD
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    Haha, it's because I'm one of the simplest, yet coolest people around! How's it hangin?
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    Yeah, that's okay, I had a number of boring people to keep me marginally entertained during your absence
    Ah, homework. I love actually doing work at home. I can't concentrate in school, too many good-looking guys, maybe? XD
    I'm doing some excellent coping with all that's been going on lately.
    What's up: Yesterday I was checking out a novel I wrote a couple years back. It wasn't supposed to be, but it's pretty funny at bits. I actually had to stop reading in order to LOL.
    So, what've you been up to?
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    I'm fine , thanks
    where have u been anyway !
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    Hey! How've you been? I'm back!
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