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  1. Happy birth, old person.
  2. Happy the birth!
  3. Sorry. The huge image thing didn't even occur to me Maybe I should reacquaint myself with the rules a bit better. Thanks for steppin' in, there.
  4. Hey man, how's life? How's being an Admin treating you? You bored of TFF yet? Will you ever be? You've been here for forever, y'know. And you've never left, have you? Not like people like me Do you know Block? I mean, from like forever ago?
  5. Well I have run across people on other boards and websites named Cain Highwind. I guess had someone had the same idea. "Likes FFIV but thought the English spelling would be too common"

    Funny thing, I've always liked Edge more, but Cain just seemed to click at the time (January 2001)
  6. Look, Cain! It's you! Doesn't that make you happy? Although I suppose you ought to expect that, I suppose, when your sn is after a popular character. Has that happened before?
  7. Thankee, sir! Yeah, that's a really fun movie. I just saw it again the other weekend, and now I'm loaning it to my brother and his family. I love the character of the Baron. Anyhoo...

    Wuv, Yer Mom
  8. Hey! Nice Baron avatar, I love the Cat Returns!
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