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  1. Well hello sir! Why is it that we never play any games on XBL together, though we are on at the same time quite often?
  2. I know, I've been slacking.

    You, my friend, should also be happy to know that I tried to buy a Wii awhile back. However, I was completely unable to track one down. I searched everywhere...Best Buy, Wal Mart(4), Kmart, Circuit City, EB Games (2), Target, Gamestop (3)...nowhere to be found.

    So, I purchased another 360. Perhaps one day, I will own a Wii. I just refuse to spend the stupid amounts of money for one on Ebay or any of that. Knowing my luck, it would just wind up being a GameGear in a Wii box.
  3. Haha, mayhaps you should be active once in a while.
  4. Oh wow...I didn't even know this whole system here existed...
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