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  1. Super late reppllyy.

    Summer's almost heerree. And I'm moviinngg. Busy, busy, busy. x3

    What have YOU been up to? Mischief, no doubt!
  2. Oooh, okay then. What've you been up to lately?
  3. Getting ones I made a long time ago. xD
  4. You get avatars from here? Google Images is your friend, friend
  5. Holy crappers.

    I've been gone, too. Just came to get some avatars.

    But hello~
  6. If you're still around, hello! I'm back again and the forum's changed a lot. How've you been?
  7. What in the name of boba is soursop? o_o If it's a fruit or something Asian, I don't know English names for some things.
  8. Mel has BOBA! I WANT MY SOURSOP! 8D
  9. What's this deliciousness I see about boba? WHERE ARE MY TAPIOCA BALLZ?
  10. Haha, that's the funny thing. xD Ngu without the accent marks can also be interpreted as stupid. =p But it's those Vietnamese classes for kids~ I had a teacher who was Bac or something, so I got hoi and nga right on those spelling tests.

    Truly...amazing... >_<
  11. Wait, Viet Ngu...I'm reading it as Stupid Viet right now because that's the first thing that pops into my brain when I see that. XD Tell me it means something else. I do that too! And because of where my family is from, none of us can actually differentiate between hoi and nga, so I use them interchangeably. XD

    I typed it up five minutes before heading out the door this morning instead!
  12. Loool, you won't believe how much worse the kids at my Viet Ngu classes are. xD We should be proud. I always get the ch and tr sounds, and the tonal marks hoi and nga, messed up, though. >< I'll tell you mine! =O
    *bows* You're amazing... *_*
  13. The sad thing is that I think you're right. >.> The few Viet friends I have always comment on how good MY Vietnamese is, which really isn't saying much about their verbal skills. You won't find my name here. =P
    ...essaaaaaaaay, finish yourself. Look, it's doing it!
  14. I think the fact that we can speak it puts us above most Viet kids here nowadays. x3 But I wish I was better. Naw, never liked Facebook, but I am curious as to what your name is. =p Is it Viet?
    Yeah, it sucks! x( Now, now, Master of Laziness, get to work. Even though you taught me to embrace my laziness. *cough*
  15. I wish I had those classes! Then maybe I wouldn't be such a disappointing Viet child. XD And if you want, add me on Facebook. =O I'm friends with Gemma and Joe.
    Goodness, you always seem to be ill. Take better care of yourself, lad! I'm great. I'm supposed to be doing a rewrite for my SAT practice essay, but I don't want to do it. XD
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