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  1. ^-^
  2. Oh, your school band was in a competition or something? Sounds exciting...if you're in it. Were you? I don't know._.

    Forgetfulness isn't a bad thing. You must accept it. Embrace it. XD We all do.
  3. Haha I'll remember ^-^ Thnx. Its not like I got a bump every single day xD
    Some music festival. I got bored so I just threw a random one in there
    Standing for ON Band Association ... thingy
    Oh that reminds me. I dont know what place we got yet so I have to check
    Such a forgetter...
  4. It only hurt for the first few days because it was still swollen and throbbing. After the blood drained, it got all better.
    Ouch, tables are out to get mankind as well. Watch out for those buggers. Just remember to put ice on it next time and the bump will go away faster. =)
    OBA? Oba? Oh-bah? Soba? Soba noodles? What's OBA?
  5. Ouch, that must hurt o_O
    I hit my foot on a table leg and for a while there was a bump on the side.
    To think I thought it wouldnt go away but later it did
    OBA was today btw
  6. Well, daughter, doors hit me the way tables and walls do. They seem to enjoy popping up out of nowhere to ambush me, or wait until my fingers in are easy places for them to smash. ^^
  7. How on earth do doors hit you? o.O
    Lol xD
    *sings the song*
    Ah well, have a great one.
  9. Okey~~
  10. From the set that Fuzz has on the site? I was really just going to stick with any form of Kairi I found, but now that I have this one, I won't ever change again.
  11. Okeyy ^^
    Were u goin to use any other characters? There's a lot so I cant see why... soo~ curious o.O
  12. As in the avatar and signature. Before, Kairi was my avatar, and nothing but words were in the sig. That didn't match my username at all.
  13. o.O As in what?
  14. Thank you. I'll let Rocco know that is genius has not gone unnoticed. I finally have something Bleach related in
  15. Lol, dont need to be 'that' sarcastic since we're not rly family But yeah, I get the point. Everything's okay for me as well I guess. Nothin much. Like the avi btw, even though u didnt make it. ^^
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