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  1. What is it? It's doesn't blind does it?
    Hi Bleachy, I ate some lovely rainbow chipped cookies lately. I've see you started to come back again
  2. Sweet Jesus the colors on your profile are intense.
    Sup sup Mom? ^^ How've you been?
  3. Bleachy my girl! I haven't talked to you in... forever! D:!
  4. I know It was kinda lengthy though.
    How was your holidays?
  5. Lord of the Rings? I only read [U]The Hobbit/U] and The Fellowship of the Ring of that general series. Pretty good though.
  6. Yayz!! Someone who got candy
    LOL, I didnt mean it that way. I mean other than the internet..-ic world xD

    Some the summary looks interesting but later I find it to be boring
    Did you read the novel version of lord of the rings?
  7. What? You mean I'm NOT your real mother? ;_; I'm hurt~
    O_O I think your problem is that you're picking the wrong kinds of books to read. If you think it's boring, then you're not going to want to read it, obviously. Grab something fun...try the Count of Monte Cristo out. That's a really good one for me, but if you don't, ask around for something else. =D Just keep at it!

    I didn't bother finishing FFX-2 because it was pretty boring.

    Halloween was amazing. I got lots of candy and other omnoms. ^^
    Haha, I wish, but no pranks for me.
  8. Not you, I mean my real mother xD
    I KNOW! Haha, maybe its because for me, I have a lack of concentration. I either fall asleep instantly after about 5 minutes or just have a habit of skim reading. Unless the book actually is good enough to keep me awake.

    FFX! That was my first one too. After that I wanted to play the X-2 one but I heard it was boring so I didn't. :/
    How was halloween?
    Did you get pranked by someone at some point during the day?
  9. When did I ever say such a thing? My mom would always tell me to go to bed because I read too much. Now I don't read at all. =D Funny how things work out eh?

    Urm....I started with FFX and that was sometime around 2004 or 2005. Quite a while ago really.
  10. I'll try not to
    Really? Then what was all that stuff I heard saying "A lot of reading is good for your skills!" I remember when I was a kid, my mom always was shouting to me to read a chapter book XD

    Oh yeah, the obvious question. When you start playing FF series?
  11. Tch, I hate those the most. Essays that are on books or something I can handle, because you can usually BS your way through those with some common sense if you've actually read the book. Research ones actually require some work on your part. XD

    I'm your mother, not a senior, so I'm not your role model. That means I can do whatever I want. Just pay me no mind as I run around the block pretending to be Captain Underpants.

    I'm a reporter for my high school newspaper, so I mostly write random articles on events and thigns. Fun stuff for me, but you wouldn't want to read my writing. I fear it might sully your own. XD
  12. *dead*
    :] But there's another problemm.. a RESEARCH ONE!! NOO!!
    Up to no good? tut tut, you're my mother. Show some sense once in a while. xD

    Oh yeah, I remember my music saying teacher this once. I'm a high school student and in g10. There's other memebers in the band, the seniors. The teacher says that "be quiet seniors" ... or whatever he said "you're the role models for the grade 10's here." For since most of them were all chatterbugs and he had to keep on waving the baton around for their attention xD That was a glorious moment
    Really? What kind? I want to see some of your stories
  13. ESSAY?!? Kill it! Kill it dead! *waves a torch around, hoping it burns the essay to death*
    Essays are the bane of my existence. -___________-
    I've been pretty good I guess. Up to no good as usual, and doing a whole bunch of writing (NOT essays, so it's fine). =)
  14. GREAT!!
    I have this lovely essay to write which is juussst fantastic
    Seriously, I really need to get out of this now o-O To think that I'm actually talking about work *shudders*
  15. Hello there, daughter. How have you been? =D
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