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  1. Good choices.
    As for me I couldn't be screwed trying to get votes in any way bar people actually wanting to vote me for stuff. Just remember to vote Dippy for Best TFF Animal!
    (Add the category in).
  2. Yer i'm trying to get votes for Best New Member, Most Interesting Journal and/or Most Bizzare/Random. Did you want me to vote you for anything mate?
  3. LOL @ Xeim. What votes are you fishing for Benny?
    From what I'm seeing I think these awards will be a joke...
    But, it's interesting as I don't know which way this one'll go as I'm seeing two larger splinter groups and a slightly smaller splinter group... Hehehe.
  4. Oh haha my bad
    Sorry man, i thought you were leaving like soon i was like aww noo
    But it's good your back
  5. I am back man, mentioned it on page 2 of that thread.
  6. Might be, dunno.
  7. Haha nice.
    Yer not much mate, just chilling at home at the moment.
    Actually, i'm kinda supposed to be working on some homework but i can't be bothered at the moment lol.

    So are you going to see Quarantine when it comes out in cinemas??
  8. The usual. Just tossing my Spartan head around and chatting to people on MSN.
  9. Hey man, whats crackin??
  10. Yeah man, that's fine.
  11. Hey Silver, is it alright with u if i add u to my TFF Family?
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