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    Happy Birthday~

    I hope you have a great one!
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    happy b-day!
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    happy birthday.
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    I know what you mean. ^^" I haven't finished FFXIII either. But I think I'll be through soon. .-. I just want to do some side quests before beating the final boss. But THEN...! Then I'll finally have played ALL FFs so far >_<"

    Damn that vulcano in Iceland... I heard there were several problems with flying and stuff... It didn't really matter to me, as I wasn't flying anywhere and I knew no one who flew at that time... thank god ^^"
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    It's ok lol and she made me watch the whole damn thing, luckily it was only 12 ep. of Paradise Kiss. . . . .
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    Hehe, I spent about ten hours on that Steppe, just because I had to do EVERY SINGLE quest that was available so far. xD" And I really enjoyed the tower, though I hoped it'd be bigger. More to do. More monsters. And such ._." But that's okay. :3" Yesterday, I beat the boss at the top of the tower (no spoilers XD) but then I wasn't motivated to play any further. I needed about... 5 tries to beat that damn thing... -.-"

    I don't get the Fal'Cie either. Sometimes I think they're totally evil, but sometimes they don't seem to be that bad. O.o" Strange~
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    I'ma being a girly man and watching shojos TT.TT stupid girlfriend requests
    What about choo?
    Thanks on teh sig lol
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    Not much,you?
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    Again, I know exactly what you mean. I don't like all that "So, now you're gonna see some nice videos, then you'll fight a bit, you won't be able to explore the area, and then you fight a boss, watch a video, don't explore the area, fight a bit, fight a boss, watch a video, etc." <_<" It's exhausting, to be honest. I really had problems playing for hours. x..x"
    But I like the battle system. It's some kind of... FFV mixed with FFXII - you see an enemy, no random battles, which I think is just great; and you have jobs to learn. That's quite nice. Though nothing THAT special. ^^"
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    Hehe, I know what you mean. ^^" When I was playing FFXIII on Friday my parents came into my room and asked me if I wanted to go outside with them. (It's rare for them to go outside, actually xP) And I didn't, of course, because I wanted to play! XD

    Mah, that's sad ._." I hope you can play again soon. The game's just way too great. ^^" (Though it's hyped too much... It's not as good as people are saying it is. It's great, but it's definitely NOT the best game ever ^^")
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    Hehe, but at least you'll have much fun playing the game. :3"
    I'll be careful not to let myself be spoilt. ^^" I hardly even look at the FFXIII forums. And I just see the titles of the topics, so... I should be okay. xD
    Btw. I've only played about 6 hours longer than you did. Though I can play every single day xD
    And now I wanna play FFXIII @..@
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    Yep, you were right. I was quite busy with university stuff.
    And now I'm quite unsure if I really want to be around here for the next.. let's say 2 weeks. I've begun playing FFXIII a week ago and I'm terribly afraid of spoilers. (I know some weird people who already played the game until the very end. O_o")
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    I'm not even kool enough to be concidered a lurker... I just talk to people I know and leave.
  15. To be honest, the battle system is what makes everything about this game don't know. That and the bosses riddiculously high HP. The Paradigm system is fun in some battles, but since the bosses takes SO LONG it takes away all the fun of it. Sure, if the bosses had lower HP, the game would be riddiculously easy, but if giving them insane amounts of HP was the ONLY WAY they could come up with making the game harder, I'm starting to wonder if it's really worth it.
    And if you want to use an Eidolon, and the current character leader doesn't have one, you can't switch to one of the other members to use one. I don't know, I don't think it's that very well thought out and leaves lots to wish for. And so far it's been linear, I really hope you'll gain more freedom soon.
    As for how voice acting and characters go, I'm quite pleased though. : > I really really like Sahszshzhz (don't remember how he spelled it, so I gave up) and Fang. And I haven't been exactly bored playing either. It's really just the battle system that brings it down for me. I love stagger mode though! End of wall of text rant.

    Yes! I love huge world maps/vast worlds to explore, filled with secrets and sidequests. That's what FF's been to me, so I'm really missing it in XIII so far. But then again, I don't think we're that far into the story. We've just aquired two eloidons so far. Looking forward to those missions! And Gil. You barely gain ANY gil in this game XD it's insane, we always save our spoils for upgrading weapons. So we're always broke. 8(
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