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  1. I'm working towards a Nursing degree with a specialization in anesthesia.
  2. No college yet, but busy with work nonetheless. =P

    What are you majoring in?
  3. herro! I've been busy doing the college business, lol. You?
  4. Onii-saaannnnnnn!

    I haven't talked to you in a while. How have you been?
  5. Thanks little bro! I'll eat soo much until I get fat!
  6. Haaaappppyyyy biirrrttthhhddaaaayyyy, my Asian brother~<3
    Eats lots of cake!
  7. And especially we've been waiting four years, you know? It had better be good! xD
  8. Lol, same here. It's not gonna stop me.

    I'll have to play the game myself before I agree/disagree with any of the complaints.
  9. Huh? A FOUR? That's impossible. D= Famitsu gave the game a 39 out of 40. I really think I'm going to enjoy this game, though. I'll disregard any negative comments I hear about it. I'm that stubborn. =P
  10. I would hope not. I don't want to get caught busting you out of there. xD
  11. lol, that would be impossible for me to do.
  12. Try not to get arrested now, all right? =P
  13. Thanks bro! I certainly will!
  14. Oh, my God! I can't believe I didn't see it this morning. =O Have a wonderful birthday, Bro!
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