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  1. i missed you Freya! its been a long time!
  2. Oh, nice, you've a Snow ava ^^
    ... just writing to let you know that I read your VMs ;3 Thanks. At least you knew that you shouldn't write a VM to a user called Fran XD (If there is any.. ^^)
  3. Freya im back! so you need to come back! I used to call you Fran o.0; lol
  4. Freya!
  5. Well, Freya's a rat, so we actually know how she looks. (I like rats, but there are many people who don't like or even fear them. But everyone loves bunnies XD)
  6. lol this is very true,but freya might be good looking but none of us know
    so we cant call her not good looking
    but fran we all know shes hot lol
  7. Ah come on be honest. It's just because Fran looks hotter than Freya. XD
  8. ahhh damnit! Freya! at that time i was going through the village in XII so i was overcome with viera lol
  9. Zidane, Vivi and Fran? XD
    I think you got something wrong again XD
  10. Its ok i think its a common mistake seeing as they are both badasses lol

    fran was always in my main party

    Zidane Vivi and Fran all the way!
  11. No prob at all ^^ I read your post that Fran reminds you of Freya so I can totally understand that you got it wrong.
    Nice to meet you, too! ^^
  12. i mean freya!!

    i also get those to confused sry lol and im also currently playin XII so my bad lol
  13. hi fran nice to meet you!
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