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  1. Thanks! And yeah, it has been a while! Hope you've been doing good.
  2. i havent talked ot you in a long time but happy birthday!
  3. Wow. It has been a while. ;P Hope you had tons of fun while you were away!
  4. Hey Dodie its been awhile, but thanks for the birthday wish D
  5. Happy Birthday! Your b-day fell on Easter holiday this year, so I hope you had a good double celebration because of it.
  6. Haha... Yeah, I wish I could get in on one of those shows! That's looking on the bright side of things, yeah?

    Thanks. I hope it comes back soon too.
  7. lol jk but i do hope you get your voice back soon
  8. Weirrrrrd maybe you will get to go on one of those medical mystery shows? and make millions! atleast something good came out of it! haha
  9. They couldn't diagnose a condition, so I don't really know what it is. Yeah, I felt a little cheated when I heard that there was nothing the doc could do for me, but at least it's not a medical problem.

    I noticed that it was starting to go one day back in the beginning of December, and then the next day it was just gone. I wasn't sick or anything, it just left me.
  10. Woah?! No soreness at all? That's really weird, what do they think you have? I havent read all your journal posts XD i got up to the part where the doctor basically told you nothing and then your post yesterday. Doctors are stupid they like to take money from people, and they give nothing in exchange >.>

    Damnnnn if i could give you medicine i would lol I would hate to lose my voice. Did you just wake up and "POOF" it was gone? lol or were you sick and it just never came back? Lol sorry im really interested i never heard of someone losing there voice for that long when there is no soreness
  11. About 2 and a half months. That seems like a pretty ridiculous amount of time for someone's voice to be gone, especially since there is no soreness involved. It's just gone.
  12. Np i was happy to comment on them

    How long has it been since your voice was lost?
  13. Hey thanks for reading! I try to keep things as entertaining as possible. I wouldn't want anyone to be bored, even though my life is pretty boring.

    Yeah, I hope it comes back soon too. Seems like it's been forever.

    Thanks for your comment in my art thread! I appreciate it a lot.
  14. Dodie your Journal Makes me Laugh haha. You Have great talent with art, your sketches are amazing, Im a big Sephy fan myself XD. Oh and i hope you get your voice back soon, it must suck, its never happened to me and i dont want it too. >.> No Yelling, and im always loud lol its natural for me haha

    Hahaha and Bob Ross was awesome when he was around. R.I.P. Good Ol' Bob
  15. Hmm Maybe it was you Ammy avvy? or your ammy Background? Lmao I know after i beat Okami i naturally looked up Okami 2 and then they were talking about how most likely there wont be because Clover went bankrupt :/

    I was disappointed, oh MAN for the DS!? dang.... I got my Fat DS (thats what i like to call it XD) and i got bored of it too quick i might have to buy a lite if they come out with this sequel 0.0
    But now im happy i knw that they are working on an new one!

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