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  1. Ah, didn't know you were big into that series.
  2. Ace Attorney takes higher priority than anything else. XD
  3. Ah, I thought you were playing Senran Kagura since you finished Digimon.
  4. Yeah. Pretty much. I'm also playing through Ace Attorney 6.
  5. And you've got Valkyrie Drive coming up. ;p
  6. I should probably wait honestly. I'm still going through my backlog of games.
  7. It's a really good game, so yeah if you're wanting a new RPG.
  8. Thanks! =D
    Trails of Cold Steel is on sale on PSN, should I get? XD
  9. Yeah, it's been complicated. I've been really busy for one since I've been doing work as an artist at Volition. But there's been other things happening that I've been working on resolving. I've been trying to find the time to when to pop back on. Between working lots of hours and just in general being caught up in other things.

    Congrats on the Vita!
  10. Heyo! haven't seen you on AIM in a while. Hope everything is well.
    I managed to get a hold of a Vita!
  11. I've been busy and forgetful. I need to remember to start it up when I'm available.
  12. I don't see you on AIM much lately. What's up? =O
  13. Gargantia is on Crunchyroll. It is where I'm watching it. It's a lot of fun, but I love mecha.
  14. Yeah, I just found one of the characters. I'm actually trying to find Gargantia to watch it. I mostly stream anime these days, so if it's on crunchy roll I'll watch it there. Believe it or not I don't really pirate any much anymore these days unless it's REALLY OLD. (Read: Lupin III.)
  15. There's a pretty good amount of things to do in SR3. So it takes a while to get the 100%. And you won't have to wait for long on SR4. I noticed you either are watching Gargantia or at least found one of their characters for your AIM avy.
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