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  1. watch these forums blow up now with this news
  2. By the way,

    Read this in case you havn't. It give me new hope.

    This Is Why the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is In Multiple Parts - IGN
  3. Thats interesting, but I dont think so. We have already had confirmation that characters like genesis etc will not be featuring in the remake. So that pretty much leaves out crisis core. We can reaffirm this by understanding that 'Gackt' had an issue at some point with square and was longer allowed to use his likeness to release crisis core on any platform. Crisis core was huge, given the opportunity, they most certainly would have.

    What I am hoping for is that the reason for this is because we are going to be getting 3 whole games worth of FF7, not one whole games worth on 3 discs, if that makes sense. I sincerely hope they arnt doing it in a 'telltales' style.

    If they are remaking the game based on the discs from the original and expanding upon that, I would be happy. But I am wondering what this will mean for the gameplay. How is character progression going to be tracked/converted from game to game. This bothers me a lot because I dont know of any JRPG that has attempted this.
  4. I made an edit to my reply that could give you hope is the theory is true. Give it some thought. If true, it would actually be amazing news.
  5. Jump Festa is a chance, that is in a week or two and Square attends that regularly. Probably no new trailer, but they might be willing to talk. And I have no doubt that the internet reaction to this will make them want to have a response to explain themselves. Because it is a very weird development decision. But making games is hard and time consuming.
  6. since that announcement, my hype for it has dwindled. Do you have any idea when we might hear more about ff7 remake? will we need to wait for E3 next year?
  7. That was what else I considered. It's a multi-disc game. So a three part RPG. It's weird. But it does mean getting into eager hands sooner. Unless it's going to be a thing of release over like 6 months, then that's not really going to change an early release.
  8. Could it mean that they are just going to release it in 2 or 3 parts just how the original game had 3 discs?
  9. Yeah, I went and looked into it. Came from a press release by SE themselves. So it's real and real strange. People are going to hang on the multi-series part, but I'm more curious about their unique experience in each part. That could mean a lot of different things. Never seen a RPG made episodic. But it is admittedly a big game, this might be their way of getting new fans that have shorter attention spans on games that like the 10 hours, not the 60 hour games in and willing to buy in. Could be a good thing. Doesn't make it any less weird though.
  10. apparantly the ff7 remake is being released as a multi-part series? I read this from credible source. Can you find out more about this please and maybe doa post on it? ty
  11. Yeah that happened this morning when I was leaving for work. So I hadn't gotten the chance at the time to post for it. I'll be posting shortly articles for today's news.
  12. Persona 5 has a new trailer, but wont be released in 2015 anymore
  13. Unless that's not fiscal Q4, then it is coming out 2016, which is when fiscal Q4 begins. It's Jan-Mar.
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