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  1. Well reviving the RP is going to take a little more than just the two of us. But there's no reason you can't join, there's just a lot of reading to do for it.
  2. Andro i don't usually RP so if you're willing to be patient with a newbie -ish Rper count me in.

    Edit: Referring to The Bleach RP.
  3. Okay Thankies
  4. It'll probably be Thursday or Friday.
  5. Still i would want to go on it for the first day

    and it's just so i know what my plans are.
  6. It's not a single day event. It'll last for as long as people keep posting. So you don't have to worry about setting aside a day for it something like that.
  7. Hey Andro so have you set a day for the Quistis ball yet?

    Only because i have a party on the 28th and it will decide how drunk i get.
    I'll be able to probably attend even if it is because of time zone thing i'll just not stay at his house
  8. It is FFIX.
  9. also a good way to raise activity a little bit ^^ what is your favourite FF btw i ask everyone that question
  10. I'm glad that you like it and making use of it. Hopefully there will be more like you that want to join.
  11. Hey i meant to thank you a while ago for making the roleplayer mentors thing so yeah this is what im doing ^^
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