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    Really? It's been out for quite a while. o_o I'm surprised you haven't seen it yet. But based on what I've seen so far it's pretty decent.
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    Personal opinion on D. Gray-man? Watched a few episodes.
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    I recently bought the first 20 episodes (Volume 1 set). Seeing as I'm going to be money-tight for a while, I decided to compare both and choose the cheaper alternative.
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    I just don't feel like collecting the series for my PS3, at least not now. Though I admit it sounds like a good idea.
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    I even found Death Note for just $2 an episode. I wasn't expecting to find that, of all things, on the PSN. Not sure if I'll get it, though. I'll probably end up with the DVD sets but we'll see. Some of these things still take forever to download and install so I'm being picky on what I play.
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    Indeed. However, there'll be less time to play it now that I finally have wireless Internet. Lots to do on Pokemon Black 2, plus checking things out on the PS Store. Still, my games won't get ignored. There's just more to do now. I'm even considering downloading Dissidia 012 since my PSP doesn't play UMDs anymore and i just can't be bothered to find a way to repair it.

    And yes, seeing my familiars grow is so fun.
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    I can see that. But I did a few grinding sessions in Hamelin, so now everyone's above Level 30 and easily clearing the errands and bounties out of the park.
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    It does. I only managed to finish a few quests and bounty hunts after going on hiatus. Some bounty hunts have proven to be quite hard, and even using the Knights doesn't help. I still haven't passed the game and have just gotten Leonard back, so he's underleveled compared to everyone else.

    It is a great game. At this point I have to search for the King of the Sky Pirates but I'm getting my errands and bounty hunts out of the way. I'm glad how similar yet totally different the game is from WKC. I love it.
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    I was having a talk with Unknown Entity when one of her friends informed me and her that the online servers for WKC were shut down. :/ So that was kind of a bummer, but at least I'm having fun with the game. The quests and bounty hunts continue to be hard (or just long and tedious) so I can see how multiple players can help. Still, coming up with a strategy or just enduring and surviving seem to be the key to these, so I managed to do well in Solo. I built my character mostly on Bow skills, but I also gave him some Divine and Elemental Magic. I also have an easier time against the Gigantes in the rifts when Paralyzing them with Stun Tip, along using Conceal and Dark Shot.

    Oh, and I also got a hold of Ni No Kuni. I love the way you can acquire familiars in this game, and I love the story too.
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    So I'm playing White Knight Chronicles and have finally acquired my own Incorruptus. Sure, it's a better idea to train myself to rely more on my character than the Knights, but I can't help wanting to use it every now and then, even with the awful coloring and having just three Artifacts for it. To me it's just fun using the Knights, no matter how easy or hard the battle is. For the most part I just save it for the very tough quests and bounty hunts.

    I also managed to find a way to make a bow user effective in battle. Conceal and Dark Shot. Battles get easier when the enemy keeps missing their hits, but constantly restoring my MP has been the hard part, on top of healing and buffing my party. Look at me ramble xD I'm wondering if you still managed to customize your Incorruptus the way you want it, even though you were the one who mentioned fighting without it.

    Also, I may be gone for a while again as my Internet service will be cut off. But I plan to get a different service next pay day so hopefully I won't be gone for long, even though I don't come here like I used to.
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    It feels great when you let your imagination unfold and let it out in reality for everyone to see. I can understand why they'd love that kind of living, however rough it may be.
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    Still, I can't imagine the pressure of meeting a deadline, especially if it has to be met in a short amount of time.
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    I didn't understand how hard it is for mangakas until my friend from work pointed out Bakuman, which portrays how hard it can be. I haven't read it but it sounds pretty good. From what she's told me I understand a little more why it can take months to get one chapter out.
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    At least the manga is ongoing. I know a coworker who stays tuned for the updates on websites like Manga Fox. I haven't watched Hayate for days, given the mountain of stuff I have going on. And I'm really enjoying Code Geass. From what I've seen, lots of anime viewers would rather see the Japanese audio of just about anything, but personally I don't mind English dubs in any anime. Plus, I think Johnny Yong Bosch is a great voice actor and I was happy when I found out he did the voice for Lelouch.

    I've also started writing another story, which is why I haven't posted anything here at all. I'm trying out to see how far I can go. At this point I'm hoping I can finish a story for once....
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    Last time I watched Skip Beat was about a week ago on Stage 17, so I'm kinda close to the end of the anime. I'll just pick up the manga when that's done. As for Hayate no Gotoku, I would recommend it if you haven't watched it already. Though I hear it starts to become kinda "meh" after the second or third season but so far I love it. I started on Code Geass because I heard the main characters from that and Death Note are kinda similar so I gave it a chance. So far, that observation has been true. Light and Lelouch have a few things in common....
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Stress, Good and/or Bad

by Andromeda on 11-28-2016 at 10:09 PM
It's been a while for one of these. I have an odd habit of doing one rough a year. Looking at the last one, it's been more than that. But I did two in a month so that's got me covered.

I usually always have a reason for these, rarely are they just some update of life is life. Whether I feel like thinking about heady subjects or just getting lost in words, there's a reason. This feels a little more like its going to be update-ish. A lot of stuff has happened and with nothing to

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Something More Coherent

by Andromeda on 02-02-2015 at 09:43 PM
This is a little early, huh? I'm largely prompted by some recent work that I'm doing. Said work was prompted by something else. Something akin to the domino affect would be accurate, I guess. I would have put these somewhere else, but well the proper locations no longer exist sadly.

So what is it that I'm talking about? Logos! Yes, logos! Titles! That such thing. In my unending quest to do the wrong creative thing, I made some title logos or what have you for some of my stories.

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Mistakes, Directions and Paths

by Andromeda on 01-05-2015 at 01:20 AM
I don't do these as often as I might wish, though I would really wonder if I really would have much interesting to say if I did it as often as I wanted. However, Christmas vacation ends for me after two weeks and so I sort of felt like putting things down. Like always, I start off with just thinking about events and then I get to a subject of discussion. And I always think I don't have anything to discuss, but I always end up with something. And I figure another one out for this one.

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Love/Hate? or Entertainment?

by Andromeda on 07-21-2013 at 09:14 PM
Hey it's actually a blog post from me. Crazy talk huh? I've been busy with other things and I haven't had a topic I really wanted to ramble about. Well, I found a topic and it is all thanks to a JRPG I just finished. I'm going to be doing some general ranting about the game, but I'll also get into my gaming philosophy which actually extends out to other things. I've also got some other things I'm going to do as well at the end. So scroll down to see the surprise!

Anyway, the game

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Shift - Chapter 51 - Black and Blue

by Andromeda on 04-20-2013 at 01:25 PM
The very air that surrounded Yuki seemed to be unsympathetic to the problem that was weighing on him. It pressed against his shoulders keeping him from rising from the street. He had no will to stand at the moment. His head just held down brushing the side of his face with his dark blue nearly black hair. The streetlamp above him cast a heavy light that darkened his eyes until it just seemed like there was a void present.

Yuki’s mind was stuck as memories of the past flooded with

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