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    I think I understand what guilds are. They are basically groups of people, that may or may not help each other out, right? I'm speaking from experience, but I only played one MMORPG after all.

    I'm sure I'll be able to return the favor for your help. I'm willing to be a meat shield for you and Entity if necessary
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    Then I'll be sure to unlock as many areas as I can. I'll attempt an all-nighter if I have to, but I won't rush through the whole thing either (unless I play, like, 6 hours straight o_o)

    Guild Rank. So...there are guilds?
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    Yeah, I'll be sure to play the story offline. And how does one level up, exactly? It sounds like it takes more than grinding to do that.
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    Of course you're high leveled, I haven't even started yet T_T

    Wait, you're gonna help out? That would be awesome. You wouldn't have to if it was too much trouble, but it will be much appreciated
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    It would be for the best. I do want to jump in online ASAP with you guys, though it seems I shouldn't rush it. x_x
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    Just looking at it makes me want to play it already. :3

    It just occurred to me and it may probably come out as common sense but I think I'll play the remastered version of the first game first before moving on to the second, once I get the copy anyway
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    Yes, I will take a look, then and let you know
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    I might just do that. It might build more anticipation but I believe it would be worth it :3
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    Oh well. Everyone makes sacrifices, after all.

    And it sounds so interesting. I definitely want that!
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    Aw, I'm sure you might be able to as well if you weren't so busy all the time :3

    Well, everything, really. I may have a clue on what it s just reading the term, so I'm more curious about what you can do in the game with it.
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    It is. Even though I'm tired, I got so much free time that I always debate with myself on whether I should sleep or not :3

    A mecha? I'm sorry, but could you be kind enough to explain more? I know I can just look it up but I prefer to find that out from an actual player ;p
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    I better get on it, then. Now that I'm off for two nights, there's a lot of things I plan to do. :3

    Btw, I saw a clip of WKC. Let's just say I wanna play it more than ever now Dx
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    As always, you can expect a brief review in the comments section later.
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    Slept like a baby x.x I'll read them when I get off, since I got work tonight. Looks like the wait continues >_>
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    Can't wait. I'll be looking forward to them, as always
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Stress, Good and/or Bad

by Andromeda on 11-28-2016 at 10:09 PM
It's been a while for one of these. I have an odd habit of doing one rough a year. Looking at the last one, it's been more than that. But I did two in a month so that's got me covered.

I usually always have a reason for these, rarely are they just some update of life is life. Whether I feel like thinking about heady subjects or just getting lost in words, there's a reason. This feels a little more like its going to be update-ish. A lot of stuff has happened and with nothing to

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Something More Coherent

by Andromeda on 02-02-2015 at 09:43 PM
This is a little early, huh? I'm largely prompted by some recent work that I'm doing. Said work was prompted by something else. Something akin to the domino affect would be accurate, I guess. I would have put these somewhere else, but well the proper locations no longer exist sadly.

So what is it that I'm talking about? Logos! Yes, logos! Titles! That such thing. In my unending quest to do the wrong creative thing, I made some title logos or what have you for some of my stories.

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Mistakes, Directions and Paths

by Andromeda on 01-05-2015 at 01:20 AM
I don't do these as often as I might wish, though I would really wonder if I really would have much interesting to say if I did it as often as I wanted. However, Christmas vacation ends for me after two weeks and so I sort of felt like putting things down. Like always, I start off with just thinking about events and then I get to a subject of discussion. And I always think I don't have anything to discuss, but I always end up with something. And I figure another one out for this one.

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Love/Hate? or Entertainment?

by Andromeda on 07-21-2013 at 09:14 PM
Hey it's actually a blog post from me. Crazy talk huh? I've been busy with other things and I haven't had a topic I really wanted to ramble about. Well, I found a topic and it is all thanks to a JRPG I just finished. I'm going to be doing some general ranting about the game, but I'll also get into my gaming philosophy which actually extends out to other things. I've also got some other things I'm going to do as well at the end. So scroll down to see the surprise!

Anyway, the game

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Shift - Chapter 51 - Black and Blue

by Andromeda on 04-20-2013 at 01:25 PM
The very air that surrounded Yuki seemed to be unsympathetic to the problem that was weighing on him. It pressed against his shoulders keeping him from rising from the street. He had no will to stand at the moment. His head just held down brushing the side of his face with his dark blue nearly black hair. The streetlamp above him cast a heavy light that darkened his eyes until it just seemed like there was a void present.

Yuki’s mind was stuck as memories of the past flooded with

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