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    05-15-2020, 03:49 AM
    Pete replied to a thread Nostalgia in General Chat
    Wow. What a blast from the past! We're all doing well over here, just trying...
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    05-14-2020, 11:23 PM
    Taco-Calamitous replied to a thread Nostalgia in General Chat
    It's probably mostly people who have been members for 10+ years who check in...
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    haha. I loose

    well it's sleepy time. I have stupid class in the morning -_- g'night !!!
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    hmmm. What if the whole Cycle and the Calm itself = war (not a solution, just to bring peace for a limited amount of time.

    and alternative killing Yu Yevon = alternative answer ?
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    Woah!!! (............................!)

    1.2 Trillion
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    That's what I was thinking.
    You get results faster, the "easy way" but the easy way is harder on the people as individuals. Even those who "win" still loose something. If there was a better way, no one would have to loose anything, or be effected for that matter. It doesn't entirely "fix" anything. Kind of like the "Calm" in X hahah. It's just like that.

    Ima dork
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    It's sad to think about it

    I'm still waiting for someone to tell me, and I don't think I'll get an answer to my question.

    What is it that you get in war that you couldn't have gotten otherwise? maybe I should see what Sasquatch has to say, since he's been in the war. What do you think he would say?

    I say:
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    when my dad was scolding/telling me,( he was in Vietnam War/ air force) about his views of war, he asked me "what else would you do if someone tried to come and change the way you lived, because they disagreed with your life style?"

    I kind of thought about it like this, "you disagree with me, so you want to fight?" that's what five year olds do.

    "Hate breeds hate. Love breeds love" haha. I might quote that and put it in my sig later
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    peace in the Middle East <3 <3

    even though what my dad told me made me think, I still haven't changed my mind. I still think it can be avoided, people just aren't trying hard enough. The "easy" thing to do would be to fight, not compromise, because people don't care to listen, or refuse to all together.

    I still think it's wrong. I want someone to tell me, what good comes out of war, that you couldn't have gotten without killing people. I look up to people who fight, but at the same time I feel like they shouldn't have to.
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    Since the visitor messages are kinda restrictive, I'll attempt to go full through PM. However, just as a heads up:

    Deep Dungeon was on the PSX original version. Heck, that's the original name of the dungeon (the PSP version is called Midlight's Deep). Mostly, the main idea of the dungeon is to find the door to the next room, in a place that's nearly completely dark.

    Few recommendations I'd add would be: get one character with as low a Brave as possible (around 12 Brave, even if the character threatens to leave), give it Move-Find Item/Treasure Hunter. As well, any characters with Teleport or high Move rate are excellent, since it shows you the layout of the map. Kill all enemies and hope they drop crystals, since that automatically lights up the dungeon. Keep one enemy alive and try finding the door.

    Deep Dungeon is more than worthwhile, since it gives you the strongest equipment in the game. As well, you can get the strongest Summoner spell in the game (Zodiac/Zodiark), several creatures to tame and pouch, and the infamous Ninjas that throw extremely good items at you.

    Any level is fine (game relates your level to Ramza's level, so your group should be nearly as high as Ramza does)

    In any case you have more questions, place them at a PM (or why not, place the questions on the main thread) and I'll answer them.
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    But I enjoy causing confusion sometimes!
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    Essentially, it was one of those "I'm gonna start doing this, just because" kind of thing. My brother always ended his messages with "Anyway..." which I started copying. Then he called me out on it, so I stopped. When I started writing blogs, the first couple I did ended with "Wuv, Tom." Then I was responding to some message, where I felt like being snarky/stupid, so I ended my response with "Wuv, Yer Mom." And then I started ending all of my messages with that. The "Anyway..." creeped back in in the form of "Anyhoo..." I think it's been since '04 that I've done that. Anyhoo...

    Wuv, Yer Mom
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    Well, I knew about it, kind of. Reading Acts, you definitely get the idea that early Christians were communists. If you really think about it, in extreme conditions, that is what it takes for a society to survive. Like if you watch the movie "Defiance," their forest community was communist. It gets more difficult when the population is increased, because people suck and are greedy/lazy/whatever. Anyhoo...

    Wuv, Yer Mom
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    I think I like this one. I'll join.
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    I dunno, man.I'm not sure if I know enough about communism to really advocate it. Get it mixed up with socialism quite a bit. I will have to do some research on the subject.
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    I think it will, yeah.

    The first post should be a good one, and it should show that you know enough about it to actually discuss it in ID. But make sure you don't give away all your arguments in the first post.

    I found a picture on Wikipedia once. It showed a graph with all well known drugs in it, how damagaing and how addictive they all were compared to eachother.

    I'll try to find it.
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    My major problem with V was that you had to do an insane amount of level grinding just to be able to fight the regular random battles. I mean, it probably didn't help that I wasn't too dedicated to it, but I remember there would be some areas with low level enemies mixed right in with battles much harder than the last boss I had fought.
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