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  1. ROFL WHAT?! Why me
  2. Today I found out about Doubledickdude and his Reddit AMA. IDK why but it made me think of you.
  3. Alpha.
  4. che
  5. Cost effective means nothing. We should do both ^_^. Then again, what's to stop every future rapist from learning taekwondo and then when you go to defend yourself with it, it turns into a giant kung fu movie. I'm out of ideas now. ****
  6. Just 31% of them, apparently. (I didn't know that until just then.) They just have 3 deaths per 100,000 people, 7 lower than the USA, and 0.4 higher than NZ. France has limits on how many cartridges can be bought per year depending on the type of weapon you own, and restrictions on any kind of weapon that has been used by the military since 1880.

    If you want to buy a gun in France, you can say to the happy merchant, "Je veux acheter un fusil" (Jeh vuh-z-ash-tay uhn fu-zie)

    It's great to learn! Now go acheter un fusil!
  7. Never. Also, red white and blue can be french too! French people dont own guns!
  8. I somehow face-desked as I was writing your rep comment. It should be "So buy a gun."
  9. I'm glad you noticed, bb. <3
  10. Is that a metaphor for simultaneous climax? You so dreamy che
  11. Nuh uh! This is how our sex would be: we'd both be trying to let each other come first so we'd both never come and be locked in a sexual duel forever until judgement day when trumpets sound.
  12. Don't worry, I'd let you come first.
  13. HOLY SHIT. hahahahaahahaha. there's no way...

    This is cool, but on close inspection is confusing. There's a whole bunch of lights in the Australian outback (among other places; try off the coast of Nigeria) which shouldn't be there... unless they're mines, but I'm sure they're not that bright.

    ALSO. Go to South Korea.
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