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  1. Thanks for the birthday message! And good to see you back on TFF!
  2. Seeing as I'm on TFF right now, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  3. I'm not really sure...I'm leaning towards the fact the game does let enemies attack you though. Most of my playthroughs of FFVIII were on Wait, so that's my guess.

    Then again, maybe they don't attack. Who knows.
  4. I don't think I ever tried "The End" on a mechanized enemy before... You got me curious to try, but I think it would be in vain, since you said it doesn't work.

    Btw, if you know the answer to this question I have, I would greatly appreciate it: When you search for a certain magic spell when using Selphie's Slot limit break, the enemies can still attack you, no matter if you have the game set on "Active" or "Wait" right? I'm pretty sure they can still attack you even if you have it set on "Wait", but Zarg says no.

    I'm confused. Of course, I could just pop in the game, but I am far too lazy to drag out my PSX disks to find out.
  5. "Are you talking in general, or against a certain enemy? Because every time I used "The End", it worked, but it was a pain to find so I could actually use it."

    Yeah, I meant a particular enemy.

    This bastard, in fact.
  6. Ahh...Full Metal Alchemist. Nope, never seen it. ^^; And I like it when stuff stays true to the original.

    Yes, I made a thread...I believe there are multiple question marks over my head right now. This does not make sense. Does not compute. I could not have made a thread.

  7. And you also made a thread!

    My computer got finished with the scan at about 5 am, and didn't find anything wrong (YAY!), and as for FMA Brotherhood, if you ever watched FullMetal Alchemist, it's that, but it follows the Manga more closely than the first run of the show. It's a lot faster paced too.
  8. Yeah, I'm in disbelief myself, I must have made over six posts? What the hell?

    Ah, virus scanning...they can be annoying when they slow your computer down, but they have to be for the anime, I've never heard of that one before. I should look it up some time, it sounds pretty interesting. ^^
  9. Well, it's good to see you on the site again.

    I'm running a thorough virus scan on my computer, and I'm also catching up on some anime that I've been meaning to watch. Finally decided to give FMA Brotherhood a go, since I heard good things about it.
  10. Hehe, yeah...I used to be an avid viewer of the Online List on many sites. I have no idea why I stopped but whatever. I'm at it again!

    Nearly four in the morning? Whoa, haha. What are you doing, then?
  11. Hahaha... Spying is indeed fun, and it looks like you caught me in the act. Not that there is too many people to spy on at nearly 4 in the morning, or I guess where you're at, it would be still early evening.

  12. Spying - It's Fun.
  13. Haha, no problem. Nothing is really going on besides me being bored to death. I decided to come back on here and check things out, which actually resulted in me making three posts. I surprised even myself. I usually have nothing to say.
  14. Hey! What's up? Thanks for the friend request! Yes, I added you. I'm glad to see that you log on this site sometimes. I think I remember you telling me that you don't do it so much anymore.
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