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    Oh is school back already up there?

    Nah, I haven't read it. I was meaning to read it before I even saw the film, but ended up seeing the film, thought it was amazing, and didn't bother with the book. I might get on to over summer.

    Rocky Horror! You know Richard O'Brien? He's trying to get residency in New Zealand pretty much as we speak. Such an awesome guy.

    Inception was so fantastic, I'm going to see it for a second time tomorrow.
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    Yo, remember to either visit my page, or (even easier) click 'view conversation' before replying. I had no idea you'd responded, haha.

    You like Flight Club? Man you just get more awesome. That is such an excellent film. What other films do you like?

    Also, how old are you? If you don't mind me asking, of course.
  3. That shirt is awesome!!
    Aww, that's sad. I hate it when bands do that...
    YES! That's totally the video that always makes me associate them together. I listened to Placebo long before the Pixies. Actually, it was stumbling onto this video that first introduced me to the Pixies. I always thought Placebo did Where Is My Mind?. Even though they sound vastly different... lol. Damn you, Fight Club, you had me fooled for so long!
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    I really want this shirt.

    Pixies were pretty amazing in concert. Although zero audience interaction. Black Francis didn't say a single word, and Kim talked twice, both times just asking us if we had to travel ages to come to the concert. Which we didn't. I think she just over-emphasised New Zealand as an outback. She also mispronounced the name of the city the concert was in.

    I love Placebo! I've got a cover album of theirs. They do Where is my Mind?, which suddenly seems relevant:

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    Also Seventeen Seconds and The Head on the Door.

    Yes with the former. Very much so. In fact, I saw them exactly a week ago as I write this. And I'm even wearing a Pixies t-shirt! So, about as spot-on as you could ever be

    The latter, not so much. Well, moreorless not at all.

    I'm really getting into The Smiths at the moment. I'm a sucker for late-'80s, early-90s alternative rock.
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    Yeah, I get what you're saying.
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    Hmm. Haha I know I asked you to do it, but I can't. I'll list a few. Pictures of You; Boys Don't Cry; A Forest; Friday I'm In Love; Mint Car; In Between Days.

    I think Disintegration is their best album.
  8. So wait the people who CREATE Vivi were the ones that were wrong? I don't see how that make sense?

    Plus Vivi is really manly if you think about it

    Also you have msn or something? It be SO much easier to communicate like that. Mine is so add me if you like. I appreciate it!
  9. Both in French, Polish and English I say it's vee-vee

    My question is how the hell did you friend pull out a ih out of that name? Anyway if your friend insist then make him play KH2. He's a boss at one point and one of your friends mention his name in a cut scene and clearly says vee-vee. Here the youtube video for further proof: YouTube - ‪Vivi in KH2&#x202clrm; (At 1:28)

    No one screws dear sweet Vivi's name.
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    Quickfire, new friend, what's your favourite The Cure song?
  11. Awesome another FFIX fan! May I ask who's your favorite? I adore Vivi and Zidane!
  12. I'm mix between FF9 since it was my first FF and the one with my favorite cast and FF4 since it had my favorite gameplay and plot. So more or lest FF4 is my favorite classic and FF9 is my favorite modern. What about yourself?
  13. Well I'm new here and since i notice that you also posted at the adoption thread you kinda new. Anyway the reason I'm posting this is just get along with new people such as myself. Always feels better to talk to new people like me. Anyway name Skyler nice to meet ya.
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    For future reference, you should probably start a new topic for things like this, or at least look for a thread with a similar topic. Kinda hijacked that one a little bit. It's okay though, this time.
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    Nah, I'm living in VA, born in NY.
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