The Final Fantasy Forums FAQ

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NO Off Topic Posting

Posting topics that clearly do not belong on a certain board, posting topics solely designed to raise your post count, with little or no content, posting topics that have nothing to do with a particular game or its characters on that game's message board, and posting topics that clearly belong on another message board is not allowed.

Example: Posting "How do you get Tidus' Sun Sigil in FF X?" at Esthar City.

NO Spamming

Posting web site advertisements, For-Sale/For-Trade/For-Auction notices, "Make Money Fast" schemes, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or other posts generally regarded as unsolicited advertising or that are to be used for commercial gain is not allowed. Including a web site address in a signature is acceptable, as long as it is evident that you are contributing to the forum in the body of your message posts.

NO Flaming

Flaming will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. Flaming is malicious harassment of other members. Arguing is ok, but deliberate verbal attacks is considered flaming. Note: If what you say is a joke, please mark it as such, otherwise it will be considered flaming. This is a board for fun, not to be mean.

Example: "You stupid fucking slut! Go back to your mother and get some more action!" This is flaming.

"You're an idiot/stupid." THIS IS NOT A FLAME. This is an opinion. It is completely harmless.

NO Trolling

Trolling is prohibited. Trolling is clearly, deliberately posting in a manner for the purpose of angering and/or insulting other participants of the board. It is also creating posts/topics based off of vague or unsubstantiated claims for the purpose of stirring up controversy.
Trolls often resort to innuendo or misdirection in the pursuit of their objective, which is to create controversy for its own sake, discredit those with whom they disagree, or sabotage discussion by creating an intimidating atmosphere. Trolling DOES NOT encourage further positive discussion in the long run, it only encourages personal attacks (if left unchecked).

1. inflammatory messages -- "You are an idiot for including this type of message in your list."
2. messages containing an obvious flaw or error -- "I think Star Wars is Roman Polanski's best movie."
3. generalization -- "Everyone on this board SUCKS!"
4. flamebait messages -- "The mods should get off their high horses and shut the fuck up."

NO Porn or Illegal Content

A. Porn in any way, shape, or form is NOT PERMITTED on TFF Forums. This messageboard has many young members and people who view this site at work, making it inappropriate content. This includes(and is not limited to) the posting/linking/attaching images of nudity, hentai, child porn, sexual acts, see-thru clothing or other clothing that allows sexual organs to be clearly seen. An example of this would be extreme skin-tight clothing which clearly reveals the breasts in their entirety. This is partially to moderator's discretion. If a moderator believes your image is in any way porn-related or innappropriate for viewing in the home/workplace, you will be warned and your image deleted. If you are not sure if your image/post/attachment/link is appropriate DO NOT POST IT! Ask an administrator first or you will be warned. Not bothering to ask is not an excuse for posting porn. This is a Final Fantasy game messageboard, not a porn hut. There are plenty of other places where you can view such material at your discretion. This is NOT one of them.

B. Illegal Content is NOT PERMITTED. This includes(and is not limited to) warez, oldwarez, crack(s/z), serial(s/z), hack(s/z), plans for hacking a site(such as this one), plans for illegal activity, and acts of terrorism. The only thing not included in this would be the consumption of drugs, which is permissible. This messageboard is not a hideout for terrorists. There are plenty of other places where you can view such material at your discretion. This is NOT one of them.

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