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Thread: What are you currently listening to, v.2.0

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    Currently listening to "Heart In A Cage" by the Strokes, got the First Impressions of Earth album on

    I'll stream angles next

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    Listening to DAMN. By Kendrick Lamar

    It's good, and I hope rumors are true of a second album release on Sunday.
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    hahas, updated July 28th (oldie but goodie!):
    Quote Originally Posted by from the CPC8
    Pete: Meier, don't even lie. I know you were going on a nice little tear before you settled down with the new gf

    che: rofl <3 Meier.

    Loaf: Meier is the best.

    Meier: Hey Pete, I said I started to, it just didn't end the with the same number of women. Then again this one is kind of on the outs with me if she doesn't straighten up and fly right so that means I will be back in it for the thrill of the kill. Got some in the reserves. Even got a rePETEr (<---- like that ay? AYYYYY?) on the back burner.

    Block: I do like the rePETEr except it kinda makes it sound like you're going to pork Pete. No homo.

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