Hello! This is the first thread I have created in such a long, LONG, time. Anyway...

The object of the game is really simple. Basically, you have to guess who wrote the message featured in the +Rep given in the post above. For example:

Member A posts: "+Rep for that funny poem!"

Member B posts: "That sounds like something Member C would write."

Regardless if whether Member B is correct or not, Member B will also add a +Rep comment he has received, to continue. But if Member B is correct, Member A should give Member A a +Rep for getting it right. (Please note, it isn't mandatory, but it would be nice if the Rep system gets used more.) If Member B was incorrect, then Member A could post a reply along the lines of "incorrect, try again!" or something. Then if Member A wants, they can provide a hint (such as what thread it was from, what the post that received the +Rep said, etc.)

And that is about it. It gets a system on this site some usage, and lets us relive the memories of our past here on TFF. Oh, in case you are wondering, yes, you may include the neutral or negative reps you may have received, if you haven't had any positive ones recently.

*To check your most recent reps you received, click on "My Account" at the top right portion of the screen (for computer users, I don't know for you mobile people). It should then show up near the top of the page.

Okay, here is the first one. Who wrote me the following +Rep?

I laughed when you said a dictionary can be used to give people concussions if used correctly.
I have actually gotten a concussion from a dictionary before.