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Thread: Sorry I Suck

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    Sorry I Suck

    In the last few weeks, I have been posing as a newbie with an alternate account-IdiotWithHair. I did this as a prank, and thought it would be funny, particularly the idea of a moderator doing it. I didn't think this through properly though, now I realize. I am a moderator, an official of the board. I am the one who is supposed to uphold the rules. When the moderator is the one who breaks the rules-especially of this magnitude-it makes people question the integrity of not only that moderator, but the staff of the site as a whole.

    I am sorry I was dishonest to you fellow TFFers. I am sorry I set a bad example to the newer members, who are probably very confused as to why a member of the staff would behave in such a fashion. It was a foolish, thoughtless thing to do, and I am sorry to the staff for making them look bad, especially given the scrutiny they already receive. I apologize also to any of our regular members who were offended. It wasn't my intention to piss anyone off or to make a show like I am above the rules, but I can see how it would come off as such.

    I hope that we can move on as a forum, and that this isn't too upsetting for anyone. Hardly anyone seemed to be particularly upset, but I know that some people might just be not saying anything, or at least not saying that they were angered by this. Please don't blame the rest of the staff for my actions; they're all awesome, honest people who try to make these forums a better place for you all to post in. Anyhoo...

    Wuv, Yer Mom

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    Re: Sorry I Suck

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand just for the record, I would like to state that Telegraph has been reprimanded in the same fashion as anyone else who has multiple accounts - the alt account was banned and he received an official 34-point warning.

    (Just in case anyone felt I'd be playing favorites on this one.)
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