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Thread: Superman: The Man of Steel

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    Superman: The Man of Steel

    I've heard rumors that DC is trying to reboot the Superman fanchise after Superman Returns didnt do as well as they had hoped. Personally I hope they do, as much as I liked Returns I was hoping for them to start the series over, not pick up where Chris Reeves, may he rest in peace, left off.
    I thought the fact that they did to to honor reeves was a very noble thing to do, but what they need to do is give Superman a whole new story, they need to change the relationship between Lex and Superman and make it more in depth than just Lex Luthor, Super Criminal vs Superman.

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    I personally think that Superman is a lame character. The only thing that can hurt him are radioactive pieces of his home world, which is a very unrealistic concept to begin with, seeing as though nobody on earth should be able to get a hold of any of it, considering the distance between earth and Krypton. So any villain that stands a chance against Superman, has to somehow get their hands on a limited supply of Kryptonite, if they can somehow find it, that is. But worst of all, his disguise is a pair of glasses. How stupid are the people of Metropolis? Is their retarded radiation leaking into the city that drops everybody's IQ forty points? A pair of glasses fools everybody? I really hope that another movie doesn't get made, because Superman is a ****ing retarded superhero.

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    I personally would think it to be a good idea to have a new superman movie based off of the smallville series. Lex is a bit more then a maniacal "super-criminal" in it for his own good bad guy, in a weird way he thinks he is helping the people almost in an anti-hero type way with a somewhat complicated past with superman that results in them being at ends with each other. Recently it has even tried to enforce the fact that superman will never completely hate him enough to kill him because he knows for a fact that there is a glimer of hope within him.

    The only problem with a smallville-esque superman would be that for people to appriciate it they would have to watch a lot of the series. It also becomes a problem with the fact that the series isn't over quite yet... and the looming fear that it will not live up to the expectations of smallville watchers. Even problems with actors (returning or new ones?) and possibly shining to much light on a "bad" villain (solely Lex or an "unworthy" portrayal of a villain like venom in spider-man 3)

    Basically my personal hope is that they don't make Lois Lane the love interest, I've always disliked her and I absolutely hate the smallville version. If there was a smallville-superman movie I would hope they would hook Clark up with Chloe
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    I don't think they need a whole reboot of the series...I mean, we all know his origin story, really. But I wouldn't mind forgetting every other movie that's happened so far. Superman IS lame, but he's had a few good storylines in the past few years when they've actually gotten good writers behind him.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Lionhearted View Post
    The only thing that can hurt him are radioactive pieces of his home world...
    And Magic...Really his power just comes from Earth's yellow sun. Villains in the past have turned the sun red (the color of Krypton's son, btw) in order to sap Supes of his power...

    Quote Originally Posted by The Lionhearted View Post
    ...which is a very unrealistic concept to begin with, seeing as though nobody on earth should be able to get a hold of any of it, considering the distance between earth and Krypton.
    I'm fairly sure that Kryptonite caught a ride on the trail of Kal-El's rocket. Villains have also used synthetically created Kryptonite in the past.

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    I can't say I'm too hot on the idea of any more Superman movies...Christopher Reeves did the character as well as you could, and 1 and 2 were the ones that were as legit as they got..mostly 1. But I thought the new one was so bleh and drab considering all the money they invest and it didn't even look too great. For the time I'd say leave it be..and if they reallllllllly want to make another give it at least a few more years before they try again.

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    I think they should dig up Reeves' corpse and use puppetry to star him as Superman. That would be the BEST. MOVIE. EVER.
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