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Thread: TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

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    TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

    WELL. This is a little overdue, but the awards show is over and I have internet. SO LET'S DO THIS.

    I have here...... results....

    You may have noticed that Govinda has left the forums. We will miss her. I'm not sure what to do about the award situation, but maybe you guys have some thoughts about it. Or not.

    EDIT: Ohshitiforgot!! Djinn made the banners!! They're awesome!!! He made them!!

    Best Staff Member:
    Winner: Meier Link
    Runner-up: OceanEyes28 by 1 vote

    Best New Member:
    Winner: Dodie16
    Runner-up: Gypsy Elder by 2 votes

    Most Popular
    Winner: Rocky

    Most Helpful
    Winner: Meier Link

    Most Intelligent
    Winner: Govinda
    Runner-up: Alpha by 1 vote

    Best Lurker
    Winner: SOLDIER #819
    Runner-up: Dawezy by 2 votes

    Most Old School
    Winner: Psiko

    Biggest Camera Whore
    Winner: Priscilla

    Nicest Male
    Winner: Meier Link

    Nicest Female
    Winner: Dodie16

    Funniest Male
    Winner: James K. Polk
    Runners-up: Che and Rocky by 1 vote

    Funniest Female
    Winner: Govinda

    Most Sarcastic
    Winner: Jin

    Most Attractive Male
    Winner: Tie between Rocky and Moogable

    Most Attractive Female
    Winner: OceanEyes28

    Most Bizarre/Random
    Winner: James K. Polk

    Music Guru
    Winner: Telegraph
    Runner-up: Maridia by 1 vote

    Best Roleplayer
    Winner: DragonHeart

    Best Writer
    Winner: Andromeda

    Best Graphic Artist
    Winner: Violet
    Runner-up: Mistress Sheena by 2 votes

    Best Traditional Artist
    Winner: Violet

    Member with Best Avatar/Signature Combo
    Winner: Tie between James K. Polk and Unknown Entity

    Most Interesting Journal
    Winner: OceanEyes28

    Most Creative
    Winner: Tie between Andromeda and ViviMasterMage

    Best Club
    Winner: Crao Porr Cock8
    Runner-up: Por Rorr Kitty9 by 2 votes

    Best TFF Couple
    Winner: Rocky and LocoColt04 and Meier Link and Pete

    Mm kay, so a dude is Yoda-grunting into his phone at the airport, I gotta go.

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    Read more.

    TFF Awards:

    Nicest Female 2006. Best Couple 2006. Nicest Female 2005. Best Couple 2005. Tie for Nicest Female 2004. Best Couple 2004. Flamer of the Week 2005.

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    Re: TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

    Quote Originally Posted by OceanEyes28 View Post
    Mm kay, so a dude is Yoda-grunting into his phone at the airport, I gotta go.
    LMAO, what?

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    Re: TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

    Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks again for everyone who participated in the nomination and voting rounds.

    I think the awards look really great! Kudos to the designer. Must have been a lot of work to come up with all these award banners, but they really do look nice. ^^

    On the subject of Govinda, I think we should keep her as the winner in the categories that she won. Even though she's not here anymore, she still has an impact on TFF. It would be a shame to just remove her from the awards or something. Not that anyone has said anything about it, I'm just throwing the thought out there.
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    Re: TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

    Those sigs are very awesome, Djinn. I think they're the best award banners we've seen thus far. Congrats, everyone!

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    Re: TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

    Quote Originally Posted by Violet View Post
    Those sigs are very awesome, Djinn. I think they're the best award banners we've seen thus far. Congrats, everyone!
    I second this. Djinn, thank you for making some kickass banners man!

    Thanks for everyone that participated, and a special thank you to all of you that voted for me! And a very special thank you to Moogable for sharing the burden of being the most attractive male with me. It's a long arduous (yes I looked this word up before using it) road of having this responsibility, and I am happy to stand side by attractive side with none other than Joe.
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    che: rofl <3 Meier.

    Loaf: Meier is the best.

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    Re: TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

    I worked really hard for this one. Not being in the TFF clique, it's hard to win these things. I had to actively piss off everyone just enough so that they'd find me sarcastic, but not so much that they wouldn't vote for me out of spite.

    Yeah, okay, that was sarcasm. Actually, it was really just a lie. I didn't have to work hard in the least. It just came naturally.

    So thar!

    Edit: What is on that sarcastic award anyways? I swear I see Luke Wilson and...the live version of the Tick?
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    Until now!

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    Re: TFF Awards 2009 - Results!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    I second this. Djinn, thank you for making some kickass banners man!
    No problem. Congrats to everyone who won something

    Most Sarcastic banner is the knights from Monty Pythons Holy Grail movie, its hard to fit images in such a small space
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