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Thread: Spam (warnings) for everyone!

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    R-K H、有名な侍の戦争の神ソウル刈り取り手 Spam (warnings) for everyone! Ryu-Kentoshii Hirokima's Avatar
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    Re: Spam (warnings) for everyone!

    I Usually Have More Than Five Words In My Posts Anyhow, So This Doesn't Really Affect Me, So I'm All For It! I'm Friends With The Admins, Some Super Mods & Mods, So I'm All For It If They Say So. It Is Nice To See More Content In Posts, But It Doesn't Always Necessarily Have To Have Alot Of Content, Or Too Much Of It. This Filters Out The Spammers From The Real Dedicated TFFers, So If You Want Five Words, Ten Words, Or More, Fine By Me. Just Don't Go Over Board With The Limitations. Thats All I Have To Say About This For Now.
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    The Old Skool Warrior Spam (warnings) for everyone! LocoColt04's Avatar
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    Re: Spam (warnings) for everyone!

    It seems the community is overwhelmingly in favor of reinstating the character limitations for posts. Do we want to require 200, or would even 150 be reasonable? I think there are a lot of instances where a well-thought response can be given in few words.

    Areas which would not be affected are Member Business, Word Games, aaaaand... I suppose the Feedback forum as well, but I cannot think of any other sections.

    That said, I am actually going to go ahead and close down this thread. I will place a timed poll in the Announcements and whatever the verdict is by the end of the timer is what we will move forward with. If you want your opinion anonymously heard, go vote on that mess in about five minutes. If you have further feedback, well, that's what posts are for.

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