‘Hmph...What business do you have calling me? I’ve cut my ties.’
‘Do you honestly believe that I’d just leave this all at his beckoning?’
‘I’m not the foolish one; I’ve made my choices and will stay by them.’
‘Ha! I’d like to see you try....despite what comes I will protect my family till the end.’
‘Hm? He’s willing to guarantee that?’
‘Indeed, seems we will be talking again soon.’....Click

Abel woke up in a cold sweat yet again. It had become a common thing most mornings, dreams really bad dreams of the accident or of things he considered even worse. He sat up and pulled the sheets off of him; he shuffled off his small cot like bed and walked out of his room down the hallway. The light was shining through the intricate hallways of his grandfather’s temple. It was a historic location on the outskirts of town that ran in the family for generations. Abel made his way into the kitchen and dining area only to see his grandfather sitting on a mat on the floor with eating off the small table.

‘Good morning my boy you feelin’ alright this mornin’ you don’t look to good. Guessing you had another rough night of dreams and what not. It’s a beautiful day today, you should take the day and explore the city some more! You might even make some friends or something.’

‘Hey Grandpa...yeah it was another rough night. I agree with you though I think it’ll be good to get outside and enjoy the day.’

Abel spoke while rubbing his hand where his right arm used to be. Grandpa didn’t stay very long once Abel got there. He was always keeping the temple in good shape and giving tours of the more historic side of it. Abel appreciated his grandfather but always considered him to be on the strange side....maybe strange wasn’t the word, eccentric. As he left the room he turned back and spoke towards Abel who was eating his breakfast.

‘You get in any mischief today while you are out and I’ll beat you with my cane.’

Abel looked a bit shocked at his grandpa’s comment but shrugs it off and finishes his breakfast. Over the next two hours Abel gets ready doing the things he usually does. Struggling to get dressed and such became the norm for Abel. Once he was ready he made his way into town to spend the day getting his bearings.

It was pretty fun checking out the markets on Ring Street and passing the school he would be attending on High Avenue. He was making his way back from the school back and turned onto Demolov Street which led to the city park. He could see the green grass and trees in the distance. Something caught his eye as he passed an alleyway and peered down. He could’ve sworn he had seen a weird black shape but there wasn’t anything there.

Dismissing it Abel made his way to the park where he tried to avoid a lot of the stares from people. He tried not to take it personal knowing it was just because he looked a little different. Not too many people were missing an arm.

In the empty plains a dark shape walked isolated from everything else. It grinned menacingly as it swiped one arm in the air. The arm seemed to split the air itself creating a large rift in the plane of existence. It continued walking through the rift and coming out into an alleyway off of Demolov street. As it passed through the realms its body began to change shaping and solidifying. When the transformation had finished a strange figure stood. A man wearing a mask in a long trench coat walked away as the rift closed onto Demolov Street. He looked back towards the park his mask with the permanent smile and disappeared turning off of Demolov onto the main street.