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Thread: TFF Member Profile

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    Gingersnap TFF Member Profile OceanEyes28's Avatar
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    TFF Member Profile

    Welcome to TFF. Glad you found us. Now before we go any further, be sure you've read the rules here. I'd like to ask that you focus in particular on what we consider "spam" and advertising here, just so we're all on the same page.

    Once you've done that, the fun starts. We have a nice community and some really great people. Pretty much everyone is willing to answer any of your questions, including myself. Private Messaging and checking the "How Do I?" forum for your question are good ways to get some answers.

    This thread is a chance for you to get a quick peek at established members, and for you to put up a profile of your own. Start with:

    Name: (if you wish)
    Location: (you can be as specific as you're comfortable with. Some just choose to disclose their country or part of the world)

    And anything else. Hobbies, talents, career, favorite subjects in school, pets, family, how big your lunchbox is, etc. Up to you.

    Now get started and enjoy your time here.

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    Just moved to Lock Haven, PA
    Name: David (or, according to my fiance Davíd the terrorist [way too much Jeff Dunham])
    Age: 23 aka older than dirt
    Sex: Yes. Errr I mean, male, last time I checked.
    Location: Recently moved from Washington state to Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

    More about me: Like I said, I moved across the country so we could be closer to my fiance's family. I wanna someday go back to school and get my teaching certificate and become a history teacher. Both my parents are teachers, so that's probably where it came from.

    I just recently got a new job after being laid off two months ago. It's nother spectacular but it's a job. I start this upcomming Monday at a Supermarket in the produce section.

    I have three kids, don't worry, they are all of the meowing variety. And I have a pet turtle too, a red-eared slider. And to finish it up, I got a big lunchbox.

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    Hiding behind your smile.
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    Name: Gemma Sarah-Anne A.
    Age: 17.
    Sex: Felmale.
    Location: London, England.

    Hobbies: Playstation games, drawing, writting, photography, hanging out with mates, and surffing the world wide web.
    Favorite subjects in school: Art, Religious Studies, Science, Event Driven Programming, Programming, and Client Side Scripting (web design and business management stuff).
    Pets: I have a dog called Rolo. =3
    Career: A Student who hates other Students.

    Favourite Books: The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown), Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen (Garth Nix), Getting Over It (Anna Maxted), Labyrinth (Kate Moose), Looking for JJ (can't remember), Dracula (Bram Stoker) and Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte).
    Favourite Films: 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knights Tale, Flatliners, The Mist, P.S. I Love You, 28 Days/Months Later, Resident Evil (All) and The Da Vinci Code.
    Favourite Anime/Manga: I've only ever watched Ghost In The Shell. I'm really getting into it too. ^^

    Lunch Box: Wut lunch box?
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    "I used to be active here like you, then I took an arrow in the knee."

    Suddenly... clutter.:

    Me and the lovely Joey is two cheeky chimpmonks, we is. Because TFF cousins can still... do stuff. ; )

    Quotes to have a giggle at.:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bleachfangirl
    I'm none too scary really. Just somewhat violent...
    Quote Originally Posted by MSN Convo
    Gemma the friggin' Entity. says:
    Bleachie says:
    ...*runs around with a stick*
    Hm, no one's here...
    Gemma the friggin' Entity. says:
    Bleachie says:
    Quote Originally Posted by Joe
    Now that we've apparently discussed wanting to see each other sleep with a game character... how goes?

    All my banners are now done by me! Soon, I will be great! Muwahahahaha... ha... eck! *coughs* ...ha!
    Biggest fan of Peanut Butter created by The Xeim and Halie Peanut Butter Corporation ^^

    Warning free for over eight years. Feels good.

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    Name: Laura.
    Age: 19.
    Sex: Female.
    Location: Current: Switzerland. I consider that my home. Born in England - Plymouth. But I currently live in Dubai due to my parents work. But next year I live in Switzerland for University.

    Hobbies: Hmmm I have many hobbies... I consider Science, Sketching, Video Games (FINAL FANTASY BABY), Astronomy, Photoshop, Photography, Music, Movies etc.
    Favorite subjects in school: Physics <333 Chemistry <3333 Biology <333 MECHANICS <3333
    Pets: Two minion kitties. Blackie and Katie.
    Career: None... On a gap year but next year I'm a Uni Student.

    Lunch Box: I used to have a Flintstones one... you know the bone handle and plastic rock look!

    Following the path for truth...

    and ending the dream.

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    Under a bridge, eating your goats.
    I did one recently in the old version of this thread, but I'd like to put one in this new one as well.

    Name: Ann
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Location: CA, US
    Hobbies/Talents: Well, I love to create stories and write or draw them out. However, I get mind blocks quite often(like right now) which sucks. You can always check my art thread if you're interested in seeing some of my stuff, although it's remained inactive for the past few months. Anyways, my hobbies consist of playing video games and watching/reading anime(although I'm pretty picky lately with what KIND of anime).

    About me: I'm pretty laid back for the most part and hate conflicting with people. You'll rarely see me posting in Intellectual Discussion. Wanna know more, then just PM me on MSN.

    Favorite games: Suikoden, Lost Odyssey, Breath of Fire, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Skull Monkeys, Oddworld, Dreamfall and much much more.
    Favorite animes: Skip Beat, Wolf's Rain, Ouran High School, Noein, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Hana Yori Dango, and others I can't think of at this point.

    Oh, and I like X-men and Batman, but that doesn't make me a Marvel/DC junkie.
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    Asking all the personal questions. TFF Member Profile RamesesII's Avatar
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    I am a god, where ever the hell I please.
    Blog Entries
    Name- Matthew but prefer Matt if possible, or even Kindness Savior Dragoon haha kidding Matt is fine.

    Age-Actual age is 21 but the age i feel with three kids is 30 haha.

    Location- Well Captain Cook once found out where i live in 1770, but if your not up with your explorers i live in Australia, and no kangaroos don't bound down the roads every where just in my backyard.

    Sex- I am male.

    Hobbies and interests- I love to read i am a bit of a book worm, my parents had to talk to my teachers in primary school because i kept bringing home massive novels when i was in grade three when we were only meant to be reading small picture books with few words haha i was ahead of all the class in reading and comprehension but i suck at grammar get that ha.

    I love to fish when i have the time it s so peaceful and relaxing just like to perch up with a beer and my fishing rod, i also love the outdoors and everything about it, i love the plants and animals and the weather i will always take the time to stop and watch a spider in its web or a colony of ants carting stuff to their nest and i always like to investigate new and interesting plants.

    Which leads me to my next interest i loved plants so much that i went to college and completed my Horticulture course, i just love planting a plant and so many years later seeing the result after much tendering and caring you can appreciate the complexities of plant life.

    I am a gaming freak and love to play RPG,racing and strategy games, which is quite contradictory because i like the outdoors but i like to stay inside and play the PlayStation.

    Swords and knives i love everything sharp haha, i collect swords and knives and i also love to draw all types of fantasy weapons.

    I love to watch anime my Favorite anime is Full Metal Alchemist, i have also watched Dragon Ball Z/GT, Hack, Samurai seven, Requiem, Neon Genisis, Speed Grapher, Ninja Scroll, Naruto and the list goes on.

    About me- I am a family man i have a wife and three children if you haven't already guessed and i love to spend time with them and play with my children they are my life, i am laid back and very melancholy, i am not easily provoked and easy to get along with and very friendly my wife says i am always the calm in a storm and very organized and productive.

    Career-Although i am a certified Horticulturist, i used to be a gardener but my boss was making it to stressful even for me so i left that ad became a Schools Facilities Officer and help look after a primary school with one other person we do the gardens and lawns and take care of the buildings, i work at my own pace and there is always something to do so i really enjoy going to work.

    In general i am easy to approach on the forum so don't be a stranger, and i love to joke around and have fun within reason of course and i don't have a lunch box because the food doesn't have time to see a lunch box before it sees my stomach.
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    My beautiful go-go dancing Queen Aara
    My brother Meier Link, proudly supporting the World Wide Institute of Booze since 1982.
    My Spasmodic, spamtastic, spammer nephew Fate.
    My brother HUNK, he who wears the number 1 headband.
    My glowing Goddess of Egyptian thingy's, Unknown Entity.
    My Unique and unpredictable mother Kilala ^^.
    My little arcade freak brother nra4.
    My brother Captain of the Dragoon warriors, Mallick.
    My razzle, dazzle, razamatic, razphony brother Ralz
    My younger brother Ryu-Kentoshii Hirokima, the Legendary Samurai who Doesn't take "No" for an Answer.


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    Name: G.
    Age: born in the 1980s
    Sex: Male
    Location: Belgium

    Occupation: currently studying

    Hobbies: I play my fine electric guitar, listen to music almost non-stop, read good novels, read articles in National Geographic Magazine and I'm really into documentaries and good movies (PM me if you need some good film tips). During the week I frequent pubs with my mates or play drinking games at someone's place.
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    Name: Alisyn (you'll see friends around here call me Ally)
    Age: 21
    Sex: (a) I am a lady (b) is enjoyable (c) Both A and B
    Location: Depends on the time of year. But I can almost always be found in the South of the USA. I go back and forth from midsouth to southeast.

    I'm a theatre major and I just finished my third year of study. I really enjoy stage combat. I sing. I don't know if I would call myself a singer, but I do sing. I like art history. And then of course, I act. But I'm still not sure where I want that to take me.

    I think if I weren't an actor, I'd do something with dogs, wildlife, people, or food. Or the brain. Or spirituality? I'm "health conscious" (I know how that sounds) and I like reading about why certain things are good for the body. I'm also into strength training and yoga. And tea. One of my favorite things to do is go to a tea room with a friend and spend a couple hours there. Since I could speak, I have been interested in spirits, deities, and faith in general. I'm not looking to convert anyone. I'm just looking to learn.

    About me
    I really am very nice, but sometimes it takes people a while to see it. More than once, I've come across to people as bitchy or snobby. And I do tend to be reserved at first, because I like to know what I'm dealing with before I open up to someone. I love to laugh. I am almost always figuring out ways to do it again. I'm devoted to my family and friends and I care a great deal about all of them, even if I hold back a lot of my affection.

    I have a small lunchbox with a big sandwich. Whatever that means. Metaphorically. Actually, it has Elvis Presley on it.
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    Read more.

    TFF Awards:

    Nicest Female 2006. Best Couple 2006. Nicest Female 2005. Best Couple 2005. Tie for Nicest Female 2004. Best Couple 2004. Flamer of the Week 2005.

    "I hope I never ridicule what is wise or good. Follies and nonsense, whims and inconsistencies do divert me, I own, and I laugh at them whenever I can."

    . SOLDIER ('04) . cHoSeN ('04) . Por Rorr Kitty9 ('09).
    HEY DO YOU LIKE MUSIC? Because I make music.

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    Name: Andrew, most here call me Andy for obvious reasons >.>
    Age: 25
    Sex: Yes, please. Someone had to do it =p. Male, obviously
    Location: Technically? Somewhere near Birmingham and Wolverhampton, i still consider Liverpool my home though

    Career: IT technician, i guess

    Hobbies/Interests and other stuff: Sports, most of them =o. Bikes, the self powered variety. Video games, mostly because they take my mind off things! Chatting with friends, otherwise known as socialising. I love the outdoors, even if i'm just sat outside doing nothing. I guess i'm sort of into keeping fit/eating healthy (apart from the copious amounts of cake i enjoy to eat), although i don't normally care about the benefits of exercise as its normally something i just enjoy doing anyway.

    About me: I enjoy long walks on the beach Seriously, they're awesome haha. I'm generally quiet unless i know someone really well, then i can talk for England ^^, you could call that being reserved i guess. I don't normally show too much of my personality, to the point where most people think i'm just a really sarcastic person XD. No personality give aways today! I also have a pretty wild imagination and it definatly makes for some entertaining day dreams .

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    Name: Andrew Jonathan Bealor
    Age: 15
    Sex: Male
    Location: Sparta North Carolina(This is SPARTA)

    Hobbies: Well I like to play my PS2 and PSP. I also get together with my friends and we take BB guns and swords and fight each other.(We call them WARS) I also play guitar for fun.

    Pets: I have a little Chiwawa/pomeranian mix dog and a bobtail cat.(My cat beats up my dog...HAHAHAHA!)

    Favorite subject: BAND! Its the best class ever!

    Mabey should be in hobbies but I dont really know, Im really into music. I like all kinds but my favorites are: Techno,Rap(very few),Anime Music!
    Shout out to my crazy mixed up TFF Family, PM me if you want to join.
    My loving sister and Paladin in training: Materiatheif00
    The Ultimate sword collecting nephew:Uber Gilgamesh
    My crazy cousin/FF12 gaming guru:Meier Link
    Dragonkin brother KRudd
    My funny randome slightly retarted wierd younger sister: Narrisa
    The house cat: Cait Sith.

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    Name: Westley but outside of this thread don't not refer to me by my real name unles you know me.
    Age: As fo right now 27
    Sex: Male
    Location: Broken Arrow / Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Hobbies: There is alot to mention here so I will try to keep it short. Paintball, soccer, smoking, drinking, playing video games, writing, showing off, TFF (even though at times it feels like a job haha), cars, and sex (yes I went there).

    Talents: I can drink alot of beer, and yes I do mean ALOT.

    Career: Currently I have 3 jobs, two of which I consider part time (even though they are both "full time jobs") working in aviation and the third is being a father / husband.

    Pets: I have one and a second due in December and the one that is here is semi-potty trained haha. Other then that I can not afford the pet deposit on my house so I actually have no pets. It likes water and bubbles: Imageshack - 654z.jpg

    Family: See pets. Also I have a beautiful wife (The Final Fantasy Forums - Meier Link's Album: alot of nothing - Picture). I have devoted my life to my family, even the unborn one. They are the best things that have happened to me and for that I am greatful.

    Personality: Conceded, douche, arrogant, funny, prick, fun, demanding, yadda yadda, skeezoo skazoo, morbid, quick whitted, and arrogant. But that is what makes me fun.

    Looks: Meh a picture is worth a thousand words so : The Final Fantasy Forums - Meier Link's Album: alot of nothing - Picture I think that pretty much shows my personality too hah.
    Soldier: "We suck but we're better then you"

    We will fight, we will be strong
    Together we're marching on
    United, we move as one
    Our finest hour has just begun
    Philmore - Our Finest Hour

    Crao Porr Cock8! Need I say more!?
    My awards:

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    Name: uh... James K. (Knox) Polk. I think that's obvious.
    Age: I was cloned 20 years ago... so 20.
    Sex: I usually don't on the first date... what am I, some sort of hussy?
    Location: Wisconsin. Yeah, I know. Shut up.

    Other (sexy) information: I go to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I recently changed my major from Secondary education-Social studies, to a double major in Journalism/Mass Communication and Film Studies. I realized that I hated children. Even high school kids. I decided to go with another big interest of mine, writing. I love music, whether it be ska, metal, avant garde or what have you. I play the saxophone, the trumpet, the guitar, and the bass. I know every word to Journey's "Don't stop believing". Anyone that regularly spends time around me knows that. I consider to myself a bit of a film buff, especially when it comes to cheesy horror movies. I'm also unbelievably handsome and witty.

    What's all this talk about lunch boxes? I was told lunch would be served. So I didn't bring a lunch box. What do you mean they said "bring a lunch"? I don't remember that conversation. Could I borrow a couple of bucks to get something from the vending machine? Come on, man. I'm hungry. You know I'm good for the money. I just forgot my wallet today. What do you mean "you always forget your wallet"? I do not. You know what, fine. **** you, dude.

    **** you.
    Let's go into the "archives" in "Washington D.C." and find out how people "masturbated" in the "roaring 20's."

    Crao Porr Cock8. Bitch.

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    F*ckin' Australia!
    Name: Nathan
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Location: Dapto, NSW, Australia.
    Hobbies: Gaming, drinking fine alcoholic beverages, working (Security Industry, yo!), ukelele, acquiring loads of often useless information and being lazy.
    Favorite subjects in school: Information Processes and Technology, Design and Technology (Multimedia), Studies of Religion and most of all... FREE PERIODS! Also recess and lunch if they count.
    Pets: None currently though I have a tendancy to temporarily adopt wild animals if they seem to not want to bugger off. Cats are awesome and so are most small rodent-like animals.
    Career: You bet. I have every security qualification I can have at this point in time and for the most part I ****ing love my job.
    Lunch Box: My favourite is that sweet lunch tin that came with the collector's edition of Fallout 3.

    About Me:

    I've been diagnosed with a shitload of different neurological conditions by a variety of doctors and the only thing there I can say with certainty is that there are some abnormalities of my left temporal lobe which brain scans always seem to show. What I do know is that I am different to most people I know IRL though there are a few rare people scarily like me I've come across every so often.

    I work a lot these days as a security guard and I do generally love working security except when dealing with assholes in positions that require me to be polite and nice such as when doing shifts at some stores. Thankfully these assholes are mostly just sheepish teenagers trying to emulate their heroes from shows such as Jackass and are generally only slightly more irritating than stepping on bubblegum. I bash heads where lawful and am great for those shifts no sane guard would take.

    I play ukelele (albeit rather shittily) and have dabbled in some simpler instruments though I tend to suck at most of them. I'm good at playing evil characters in drama performances though it's not a hobby of mine and since I left compulsory drama classes in school, I've only acted evey once in a blue moon, generally as a favour to someone. I used to work backstage in school productions and am known for being unusually strong, especially as I don't look like a muscle head or nothing.

    I knowingly and unapologetically use bastardised English half the time and couldn't give two shits for the offence it causes a few rare people and am rarely trying overly hard to please people where it would compromise who I am as an individual. I love random shit and random people too half the time.
    If you want to know anything else about me, just ask!
    victoria aut mors

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    Blog Entries
    Let's see...
    Name: Pete (totally not obvious, I know)
    Age: 22
    Sex: I'm a dude
    Location: New York City. Queens to be specific

    Hobbies: Baseball, softball, drinking, going to parties, meeting people, chillin with my friends. I also work on my car when I have the time, and occasionally I'll play a videogame or two.

    Talents: Like Meier, I can also drink a LOT of alcohol. I also have no shame.

    About me: Honestly, what you see is what you get. I don't bullshit people, I don't make things up and pretty much everything that I type is how it would sound coming straight from my mouth. Only exception to that is in intellectual discussion, because people like to throw around big words to prove how much smarter they are.

    If you wanna know more, just message me.
    Crao Porr Cock8- Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers

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    Inland Empire
    Blog Entries
    Name: Victoria
    Age: 25
    Sex: 50$/hr. (Female. *rolls eyes as I remind myself* Transgendered.)
    Location: Montclair, California

    Hobbies: I love to watch anime and read tons of manga and novels. I also like to play video games. I occasionally play Yugioh online (The Virtual Desktop.) I guess I can also add that I love to flirt.

    Talents: Writing is a major talent that I discovered here at TFF, and.. another talent I have, I can't really say.

    About me: A bit like Pete in that I don't like BSing people, and I usually tell things how I see them without filtering my thoughts through the fluff blender, so I usually come off as crass, blunt, or other such things.

    If you wanna know more about lil ol' me, hit me baby. *giggles*

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    Registered User TFF Member Profile
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    New York
    Name: Tanisah
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Location: New York but my home is England.

    Hobbies: I love making videos and fan art when I have the time.
    Talents: Singing but I need to get back into that with lessons.
    My only favorite subject at school was music that was the only class I paid attention in.
    I have no pets but that’s ok with me I’m not sure I could look after a pet.

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    Permanently Banned loaf's Avatar
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    Name: Kyle
    Age: 20
    Sex: M
    Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

    I play video games, just gots me a 360. I go Green, always. I'm shy but if asked the right question, I don't shut up.
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    Holding down the low end.
    Name: Miguel
    Age: 17
    Birthday: 10/27
    Sex: Male
    Ethnicity: Filipino, Asian-Pacific Islander
    Location: TN

    Hobbies: Drawing, writing, blogging, playing video games, playing the guitar, playing the piano, listening to good music, reading manga, watching anime, soccer, sleeping, hanging out with my friends, helping other people, and being quiet.

    Lunchbox: Pokemon lunchbox

    Foods: BBQ Baby Back Ribs, pizza, and most Asian delicacies.

    Talents: Drawing

    Pets: My dog, Kiku, is a dachshund mix. Her legs are slightly longer than the average leg length dachshunds have. I've kept a few fishes for a while, but we got tired of buying new ones every time they pass away. I also own three other dogs in the Phillippines, which are being taken care of by my relatives.

    Favorite subjects: Anything dealing with science.

    Music: Everything.

    Games: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Chrono Trigger, The World Ends With You, Lost Odyssey, Left 4 Dead, Halo, Star Ocean, Earthbound, Dead Space, Castlevania, Rhythm Heaven, etc.

    Career: I guess being a student would count as a career, haha. I would like to work in the medical field. A lot of my friends wanted me to become a manga artist/graphic designer. I wanted a stable job instead, where I know I'll be able to provide for my family, and chose to keep drawing as a hobby.

    Personality: I'm an ambivert. I enjoy being around other people, but I also relish the time to be by myself. I'm calm, reserved, kindhearted,and hard to make angry. I like to mess around and day dream. I love laughing. I listen to my brain than to my heart most of the time, but it can go either way in certain situations. I think too much and deeply. Some of my major flaws include jealousy, laziness, possessiveness, and tendency to ostracize people I don't like. Not by looks, but by a person's personality.

    In intellectual discussions, I avoid talking about politics and religion only if I'm comfortable and people are trustworthy enough to respect me as I respect them.

    I have a habit of being corny and childish wherever I go. I am like a naive, cliche hero in most shounen anime and manga, and will probably be like that for the rest of my life. Areas, places, and situations that should be taken seriously are exceptions.
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    IN YOUR DREAMS ^^!!!!
    Name: Tanner none of your buisness
    Sex: Male I know odd aint it? I act like a girl XD
    Age: 12
    Pet's: Salvester, blank n' white orphan kitty
    hobbie's: Playing game's, cuddleing kitty kat's, and... being a person i guess...
    Something else: TV/Movie's, home improvement, spongebob XD, and Pokemon...

    JillXWesker & MeruXDart FTW!

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    Name: Vivien Ann T.
    Sex: Female
    Location: Currently in Marietta, OH

    A college graduate for Christian Education and holding a master's degree. Still learning to play piano and loves to sing!! Now married and will become missionaries to the Philippines!

    Saved from wrath
    Romans 6:23

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    Taking one for the Geth.
    Blog Entries
    Name: Andrew

    Sex: male

    Location: The heartland of USA! (Iowa.)

    Age: Twenty

    Birthday: Nov. 9

    Hobbies: Camping, Swimming, playing pick up games of frisbee football, soccer, tennis, golfing, playing videogames, hanging out with friends/partying, playing competitive Halo, working on my scraper bike, running the Crao Porr Cock8 Frathouse, and keeping it real!

    Favorite Videogame Series: Final Fantasy, Lunar, Star Ocean, Shin Megami Tensei, SaGa, Donkey Kong, Mother (Earthbound), Breath of Fire, and the Dragon Quest series.

    About Me: I'm just your average college kid, who happens to be laid-back and generally chill with everyone. I really don't care for people that have overwhelming/extreme personalities, otherwise I can get along with everyone. I'm a pretty shy individual in real life, but on here I tend to get cocky and speak my mind a bit more than what I would do normally. I like hanging out with my friends and value friendship over anything. I love money and love to work hard to get that paper, lol. I'm loyal to my friends and sometimes I get upset when I feel like they don't do the same for me. I'm also a good listener and talker in one on one conversations and will be there to hear out people's problems/concerns/joys/what have you.

    †SOLDIER† - "Yep still better than you"
    CPC8: It's hard out here for a pimp.™

    hahas, updated July 28th (oldie but goodie!):
    Quote Originally Posted by from the CPC8
    Pete: Meier, don't even lie. I know you were going on a nice little tear before you settled down with the new gf

    che: rofl <3 Meier.

    Loaf: Meier is the best.

    Meier: Hey Pete, I said I started to, it just didn't end the with the same number of women. Then again this one is kind of on the outs with me if she doesn't straighten up and fly right so that means I will be back in it for the thrill of the kill. Got some in the reserves. Even got a rePETEr (<---- like that ay? AYYYYY?) on the back burner.

    Block: I do like the rePETEr except it kinda makes it sound like you're going to pork Pete. No homo.

    (Updated April 13th 2013)Currently Playing: League of Legends, FTL, Dead Island, Borderlands 2, KotoR 2

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    The Old Skool Warrior TFF Member Profile LocoColt04's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    Figaro Castle
    Blog Entries
    Name: The Czar
    Age: At the time of this posting's publication: 738,115,915 seconds ± 2 (for post processing)
    Sex: If your name is Rebecca
    (( Gender: Male ))
    Location: Deep in the heart of Texas

    ~ Miscellaneous Knowledge ~

    • I play Final Fantasy XI. A lot. Though not as frequently as of late. I have still logged nearly 100 days into the game (over nearly five years), but that pales in comparison to some of our other members. I suppose you may call this a hobby of mine.

    • I work for GameStop. Yes, that is EB Games internationally. No, I'm not trying to cheat you. No, my company is not trying to cheat you. Yes, I realize that the trade values inflate and deflate regularly, and that it may have been worth $10 more yesterday than it is today. It's business, nothing personal. No, I don't control the pricing. No, yelling at me will not make the price go down. No, yelling at me and then demanding I give you my superior's superior's phone number will not make the price go down. The number to the corporate office in Grapevine, Texas is 1-817-424-2000. Please refer all complaints to them.

    • I get shivers when my girlfriend says sweet things. This is generally true when most people say sweet things, but to a lesser extent. Also, if you are a puppy, this applies to you as well.

    • Final Fantasy is not my favorite RPG series. Suikoden holds that honor, and everything in the Shin Megami Tensei library is a very, very close second. Of the newer generations of games, Nocturne is likely my favorite game for PS2, with Suikoden V falling in closely behind it.

    • The greatest game ever created is Final Fantasy VI. My favorite game of all-time is Uniracers. Yes, I can distinguish the difference between "best" and "favorite." I also realize that this is an opinion, not fact.

    • I cook for my girlfriend on an increasingly regular basis. I feel the strange need to call Sean and ask him for some good pointers.

    • If you can derive my date of birth and approximate time of birth from the number of seconds posted above (consider GMT -6hrs), I will respect you slightly more than I did previously. If I had no respect for you, I might consider having some now. Brownie points if you already knew my date of birth beforehand and didn't have to look it up somewhere on the forums.

    • I write my long posts, such as this one, in a text editor in case of insane website muckups, much like one twelve minutes ago when TFF decided it didn't want to load properly. Short posts can suck it. Rewriting is simple enough in most cases. Complaining is for chumps.

    • I miss talking to a lot of you. It is partially my fault for not being online (specifically on messengers) over the past couple of years; it is partially also my fault for not making much of an attempt to call or email or send text messages; the remainder is your fault for not attempting the same.

    • I am a sucker for good literature, but sadly never read any more.
    Community Manager; Forum Administrator
    reppin' SOLDIER since 2004CPC8 class of 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by 2009 TFF Awards nominations
    Best TFF Couple
    Martin and Priscilla
    Psiko and Hyzenthlay
    Rocky and LocoColt04 and Meier Link and Pete
    Unknown Entity and Mistress Sheena
    Quote Originally Posted by Andromeda View Post
    I thought I was going to be able to play with Loco and then I remembered he doesn't game. He just turns on the game for an hour and then forgets about it for two months only to remember that he bought it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rowan View Post
    Che's not a girl. Not good enough explanation. Please elaborate.
    Quote Originally Posted by che View Post
    Yes I am. I will bust out my vagina right now.

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    Aww yeah! TFF Member Profile Wolf's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    A small town on the outskirts of Madtown, WI
    Name: Andrew Wolf
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Location: Wisconsin

    I work at a grocery store with some cool people and other lazy people, I'm severally underpaid, but in an economy like this, I might as well take what I can get. I've been working there for 2 1/2 years. I'm currently trying to find another job.

    I've been going to Madison Area Technical College to study business management and will hopefully earn an associate's degree in business in about a year and a half. I'm also thinking about possibly double-majoring and going for a degree in accounting too, but I haven't decided on if I want to do that yet.

    I hang out with my best friends a lot, we do lots of random things ranging from going to water parks, to golfing, to going to MLB brewer games, to just hanging out at home and watching movies.

    I've been gaming since I was about 5 years old, I started playing classic Mario and Zelda games, and the old Retro Final Fantasy Legend gameboy games. I started playing Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IV when I was about 7ish on the SNES.

    I've only been playing Final Fantasy XI for a few months now, but playing this game has quickly become a hobby of mine as well since most of the time I talk to my other linkshell members a lot on my headset and I have logged about 20 days playtime in such a short amount of time. I still find this game pretty amazing and I also think it's awesome that I've actually run into a few people from the forums in the game.

    A special shout out to my amazing TFF Family:
    Little Moogle, Darkwolf, kung fu kitty, Shadowknight241, Anachronism, Fishie,
    H.U.N.K., lazyboy708, guado_gal Dark One, Martin, TheHasteChocobo

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    Freezing Ring! TFF Member Profile Darkdragoon's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    IN YOUR DREAMS ^^!!!!
    Name- NONE OF YOU uh... forgot what to say...
    Sex- Yes!!! I love cake ^^, Oh... You mean my gender... Im very sorry... hm... Male.
    age- =O... Why would i tell you? Oh... Forgot some of you already now!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!! Lol jk... Im ... 12...
    Hometown- In Unknown's closet O.o
    hobbie's- Uh... Painting, drawing, playing game's, watching kitty vids, eatting food, being a person, oh god i can on for hour's... Oh and playing with my cute bastard,orphan kitty Salvester ^^.
    Ugh... guess that's it... If you want yo know more just send my VM... Well not really... But if you want to... But... You can i guess... But i might not reply... Bcause im eatting cake right now...

    JillXWesker & MeruXDart FTW!

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    I like weasels. TFF Member Profile MossNoth's Avatar
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    Los Angeles, California
    Name: Cat
    Age: one and twenty years
    Sex: female
    Location: Los Angeles area, CA
    Hobbies: reading, cooking/baking, art, music, video games, dance
    Talents: I'm a rather good cook/baker, most say that I sing quite well, and I dance to anything (even the sound of the wind) as if it were the purest music. (I'm modest, really.)
    Career: I'm currently a student, though I'm wobbling in the middle of a change of majors (from Language to possibly English Rhetoric). I'm currently trying to find work during the semester break, but trying to find a job in L.A. is like making a meal out of hardtack - it's hard, and you don't get much out of it.
    Favorite games: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Pokemon (all gens), Team Fortress 2 (Scout = <3, Pyro = SPYCHECK!), DragonFable, Dungeons & Dragons (pre-4.0)

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    I'm DYING to see you! TFF Member Profile ViviMasterMage's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Manchester, UK
    Name: Kyle
    Age: 14
    Location: Manchester, England
    Hobbies: Video games, Swimming, Messing with Photoshop
    Talents: Cheering anybody up
    Career: Student, High School
    Favorite games: Final fantasy (All of them), Metal gear solid, Pokemon, We are gonna be here all day so I'll shut up

    My things:

    My TFF Family!:
    My very hyper moogle loving cousin Meigumi!
    My grammar obsessive twin AWESOME brother Fate!
    My powerful, dangerous, short tempered younger brother Alther!
    My badassly cool chaos-loving lord who adores big swords and uber spells, Elyon Demidias
    My awesomely cool big brother xXCloudXx
    "The Bestest Buddy" xTidus (Aka Casey)
    My Okami-playing, Sephiroth-fangirl American cousin Dodie16
    My brother and stealthy swordsman of poetic power genome's blade
    My brother from another mother Gilgameshed_Up

    My Fatey!:

    Quote Originally Posted by Meigumi
    ....... I was reaaally hoping you'd say something else, but whatever! HEY, EVERYONE! WE'RE HAVING A CONVERSATION! 8D
    Fate's beautiful haiku:
    Lost in reverie
    Memories drifting through me
    So calm like the sea

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    Though I may be damned... TFF Member Profile LokentheWolf's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Name: Rex.
    Sex: Male.
    Age: 21.
    Location: California. God I hate this place... V_v;;

    Bio: Well basicly I came out of my mother, did some extrordinary things like being able to see, and saying Daddy upon exit >.>; . My first sentance was "Coffie now." then "Coffie now!" then "Coffie. Now. Please?"

    My lunchbox is invisable.

    My pets are one dog named Joshua, four Cats, Crosshairs, Phoco, Sassy, and Paul. All the cats were rescues.

    My talents? Well I know a little bit about everything. Or almost everything. And what I dont know, I question to learn. I tend to be a really quick learner when it comes to stuff. I can handle alot of stress, and tend to suffer queitly though I do have a few buttons that make me speak my mind.

    Im currently playing Halo 3, FFT War of the Lions, Dragonfable (which I constantly play), Team Fortress 2, and Left 4 Dead.

    If you want to look at it, (I get nothing for this) here's my charater page for Dragonfable. Link

    Well I guess thats it... Not much more to say... Atleast... For now? *shrugs and walks off*
    And in other news, Today is Nintendog adoption day. Remeber that all remaining puppies will be euthanized at the end of the day so to make your selections before 7:30.

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    Fading into a dream TFF Member Profile Dean Winchester's Avatar
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    Jul 2009
    Driving around the US hunting demons
    Name: Nick

    There's not much I have to say about myself other than that I play guitar,FF (of course) and i'm trying to learn Jeet Kune Do.

    Sig and ave made by Violet, thanks again Violet!

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    Registered User TFF Member Profile
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    Jul 2009
    Name: Julie
    Age: 25
    Sex: F
    Location: Arkansas

    I enjoy music, and I do some artwork. I love to play games. My favorites are FF franchise, Kingdom Hearts, Okami, my Wii Fit (I consider it a game), the Zelda series, Super Mario (my fave is Super Mario RPG), and Shadow of the Colossus.

    Okay, you may laugh at this next part. I bought the new Advent Children release on Blu-ray, but I don't have a player! I plan on getting a PS3 in the future, but I am waiting on Final Fantasy 13.

    Well, I guess that about covers it for me. If you have any questions or comments, or if you just want to chat, send me a PM or a VM. I'm always up for a good chat!
    Last edited by Dodie16; 12-31-2010 at 02:45 PM.
    Click at your own risk.:
    Proud Member of:
    Por Rorr Kitty9
    "Mess with us, and the claws come out!"
    Evil BAD Guys
    "Not just evil...not just bad...EVIL BAD!"
    The above userbar was made for me by FATE!!! He is awesome.
    The above banner was made for me by VIVIMASTERMAGE!!! He is awesome as well.

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    #LOCKE4GOD TFF Member Profile Alpha's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Blog Entries
    Name: Richard L (initials: RMPL, 20 hypothetical dollars to anyone who can guess them)

    Age: 19 next Friday (7th August)

    Sex: Missionary

    Location: Wellingtn, New Zealand. I could be a lot more specific, and I don't call myself Wellingtonian, but how many of you even know where New Zealand is anyway? FYI, Barcelona is on the exact opposite side of the world to where I live. If you live there, everyday we aim our asses at each other. How whack is that?

    Hobbies I really don't have many hobbies in the usual sense of the word. I do have a coin and note collection, but it's not very big. My oldest coin is from 1840, which would probably make it one of the first coins to make it's way to New Zealand from the Motherland. My house is on an old market garden, so we are always digging up weird things, especially coins. So I collect them.

    Talents Being incredibly frugal. Seriously. I'm a poor student, a quarter of my income goes toward public transport, and the other quater toward miscellaneous uni costs. So I get by on (depending on the week) $60 to $40. I live at home mind you, but my parents have never been one to give me money when I ask, so I don't.

    Career I've always told myself that if I just study what I enjoy then I will end up doing something I love. As Confucius said, "If you love your work, then you will never work a day in your life." However I increasingly find myself worried about this uncertainty. Though I'd like to work for an international community of some kind that is non-corporate. Failing that, just a local council would suffice.

    Favorite subjects in school I really enjoyed all my school subjects, mainly History (which I finished in the top 5 for NZ in 2008 woot), Geography (top 50 woot), English, Statistics, Religious Studies (Catholic schooling), and Economics. I did quite well at school, though I don't like to boast, I never used to say it, but I did, frankly. I was Deputy Head Boy, graduated as Dux, I was captain of the Senior A Basketball team (so un-NZ, I know), I won every public speaking contest at my school t least once. I sound cocky here, but I don't think I (well, I do try not to) project it. Though, admittedly, I'm an over-achiever and a perfectionist. Which is probably why I like RPGs.

    Pets I've got one cat, name's Mr Cat. No I am not going to join the Cat'z Club because of this fact. He is half Manx, half tabby. I think his mother was raped. We got him for free because his owner was a breeder and didn't want mongrels He hasn't got a tail, and is fairly small, both due to his Manx (Isle of Man) lineage.

    Family Both parents, two older brothers (24 and 20), and one younger (15). My younger brother is highly autistic and severely intellectually disabled. Can't talk, no physical impediment, though he is duck-footed lol. He got it after contracting the measles following his measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine at 18 months. He was fine before that, and even had a few words up his sleeve. That day all those years ago has totally changed my life.

    More There's a bit more to read in my profile. Seriously, talk to me, I'm friendly. Ask me things, I'll probably let you know if you have a rapport with me.

    End Communication.

    A few more things.

    I'm not single, I have been with my girlfriend for nearly 2 years, she's awesome.

    I'm a (VERY) liberal Roman Catholic, and I do go to Mass every Sunday, and have my entire life.

    I'm left of center in terms of political persuasion, and I also support green issues.

    I study at Victoria University of Wellington. Hope to do postgraduate overseas, probably in the UK or in Europe somewhere, but that's a few years off yet.

    If I think of more, I'll update this (probably; no guarantees I will actually remember).
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