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Thread: TFF Member Profile

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    SHUT-UP!, SHUT-UP!, SHUT-UP! TFF Member Profile ~FANTASY-ENDER~'s Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Currently enjoying life after a long deployment
    Name: Roger (won't give out my last name for my protection)
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Location: I live in Wisconsin, but I'm currently in Iraq for a year.

    Anything else you want to add: I'm 5' 11'', I weight 180, I'm currently single. My hobbies are football, video games, anime, chess, and girls. I'm currently working as a full time soldier for the US Army. I've been in for six years and I still enjoy it. I guess thats it for now until I return back home later next year.
    I give everyone permission to call me Endy, and by the way I got that nickname from FATE, sounds cool

    KARIN (Complete Series 1-24), INUYASHA (Episodes 1-167), SCHOOL RUMBLE (Episodes 1-26),SHAKUGAN NO SHANA (Complete 1st Season 1-24), BLEACH (Episodes 1-92), MY HiME (Complete Series 1-26), MY OTOME (Complete Series 1-26), PLEASE TWINS (Complete Series 1-13), ELFEN LIED (Complete Series 1-13), NARUTO (Episodes 1-28), THE MELANCHOLY OF HARUHI SUZUMIYA (Complete Series 1-13)

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    レイール★レイヴン TFF Member Profile SacredAngel13's Avatar
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    on my precious chair..
    Name: Rei
    Age: 14
    Sex: Female
    Location: Indonesia
    Ethnicity: Asian
    Career: i'm currently a 1st year SHS student
    hobbies: drawing, reading, listening music, singing, etc.
    favourite subject(s): art, music, sport, science, Japanese, a bit math.
    interests: anime, manga, game, cosplay, music, etc
    talent(s): i can draw and sing, also playing guitar.
    about me:
    hmm..actually i'm not good at descripting myself..but i'll try.
    i'm just an ordinary girl [dunno what people think]. i like Final Fantasy so much! especially FFX and FFXII. i'm very addicted to anything that related to Japanese. oh, and yeah, i can talk indonesian and english fluently, a little japanese, and basic tagalog. I also a bit good at codes [HTML, JS, CSS].
    umm..i think that's all..any question, just PM / VM me or chat with me via YM.
    [don't forget to include your name when you added me or i'll reject you]
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    Synthesized Ascension TFF Member Profile Zardoch's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    Name: Travis (or Griff)
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Location: Castle Grayskull AKA USA
    Hobbies: Writing, world domination, metal music, NFL,, action films, reading, eating pizza, quoting Mel Brooks films, and flirtation.
    Talents: Writing, character creation,, quoting Mel Brooks films, flirting (with chicks who don't suck), philosophy, badassery, my beard, computers and the interwebs, graphic design, singing (when no one is around), poetry (non-emo), romance, and villainous plots.
    Career: Writer / Retail
    Pets: Two dogs (akita + jack russell), Cat
    Lunchbox: Deadpool saying something controversially funny.

    How am I single you ask? I have gold digger-radar / baggage-raider / single mom-radar / misandrist-radar / shallow-radar / yaoi-obsessed-immaturity-radar. Oh, and anti-beard-radar. In this world, finding anyone with none of these 'signals' is damned difficult. Foreign chicks ftw!

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    A Plain Old Derp TFF Member Profile Padraic's Avatar
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    A Royal Mountain (Punsss)
    Name: Padraic (nobody'll get the pronounciation right the first time ... *sigh*)
    Age: 14 (August 18 1995 (Youngest one here besides Fate and Silver Dragoon... speaking of Fate, I thought he'd be the first to post here...)
    Sex: M (beat that... HOT WHEELS!)
    Location: Montréal... j'aime la francais
    Hobbies: Cats, Video Games, Books, Anime, TFF... and Cats
    Talents: Love of Animals, Love for Animals (Haha)... Math (So I'm good at Math... that makes me a nerd? No liking it does... in that case I am)
    Career: 3rd Year HighSchool Student,
    Pets: Guess what? Two Cats!! (Suprise much?)

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    The Lost Writer TFF Member Profile Psiko's Avatar
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    Name: David
    Age: 25 (Ancient for these parts!)
    Sex: <Insert witty comment here if you like>
    Location: Iowa, deep in the heart of the United States.

    Other info? Lessee here...

    First and foremost I am a reader and a writer. I'm attending college to most likely major in English, with a high degree of chance of doing some teaching. Yes, I am a grammar whore and I may call you out if you cannot take the time to learn to spell words properly that everyone should know. No one likes to decipher gibberish, I am no exception, so please do us all a favor and make it intelligible.

    Like LocoColt I tend to go on forever and my posts always had a reputation for being lengthy and full of content. This post is certainly going to be no exception. If you don't want to read that much, you have the free will to be able to choose to not read what I have written. Simple as that.

    I'm rarely around anymore. My activity comes and goes in spurts. If you like me and want to be friends, then send me an IM sometime. I'm usually logged into AIM and MSN most of the time. I hate forcing conversation and prefer awkward silence, so please try to engage into some sort of interesting talk and we can go on for hours.

    I am hailed as a master of the old skool generation of games. With a few exceptions, all the best games present today are inferior to something that was made either on the NES, SNES, or SEGA Genesis. Even moreso if you determine the N64 and the PS1 to be old skool. You are welcome to prove me wrong; however, if your argument contains at any point in time a reference to graphics your entire argument will lose any and all validity.

    Hyzenthlay is the most wonderful person here at TFF, in my opinion. No, you cannot have her. I'll fight you to the pain for her. If you get that movie reference within that sentence you automatically gain half a cool point.

    No, I will not edit your school papers for you.

    My lunchbox is enormous and invisible. I lost it a long time ago. Finding an invisible lunchbox is a frustrating task, even when it is enormous.

    There are three rules you absolutely must know to get along with me:

    1. Psiko is always right.
    2. If you think Psiko is wrong, refer to rule number one.
    3. If you know Psiko is wrong, refer to rule number one and remember it is impolite to point out when a person has made a mistake.

    I also have a sense of humor. Most of the time a really good one. You have to have a positive disposition toward life when you've been through the kinds of hell that I have with my personal life and experiences with love (and the lack thereof). Yes, life has sucked for me in that area. No, I'm not going to sit down with a box of tissues and tell you about it. Just know if I give advice on something concerning that its because I've been down the road already and can spare you from the experiences.

    I also tend to go off on a tangent. How my love life and my sense of humor really are related I don't know but somehow they must be intertwined in my thought process. And no, I'm not one to go back and delete those things. It came out for a reason and if I didn't want it there it would not have been typed in the first place.

    Have I mentioned Hyzenthlay? She's the best. Refer to rule number one if you disagree.

    My favorite game is Final Fantasy. Yes, the first one. The best game is Final Fantasy VI. Do not refer to it as 3, III, or the second one on the Super Nintendo. It is a work of pure genius and if you have not played it then you cannot proclaim that VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, or XII are superior in any way. If you mention the word graphics in your argument you will get an eDropkick from me, through your computer. If you don't believe I can do that refer to rule number one.

    Most important of all, welcome to TFF (if you are new) or continue to have a good time posting with us all (if you are not new).
    OLD SKOOL - A positive appellation referring to when things weren't flashy but empty of substance, were done by hard work, didn't pander to the lowest common denominator, and required real skill. Labour-saving devices, shortcuts that reduce quality and quitting before the task is done are not characteristics of "old skool."

    In reference to computer games, refers to a game that had substantial playability without flashy graphics or eye candy. Old skool gamers appreciate difficult maneuvers, careful planning, and scorched earth policies.

    In reference to role-playing games, old skool refers to games that tested players' wits, could kill off careless characters, and required dedication and inner strength to play. Old skool games didn't pander to the ideas that everyone is created equal, that all options are open to all races, that the markets were somehow free, and that a quasi-medieval society could have near 100% literacy.

    See also classic.

    Representing the Old Skool ways since 1984.

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    Name: Silvia
    Age: 20(21 on November)
    Sex: F
    Location: Italy, a little town near Milan
    Hobbies: I have very few free time since I went to university, but I like doing lots of things like playing videogames, reading books and mangas online, watching anime, surf the web, listen to Japanese music, drawing anime characters...
    Favorite subjects: when I attanded high school my favourite subjects were Maths, Computer Science, Italian, English, Philosophy and Chemistry
    Pets: I have no pets. When I was a child I had some goldfishes and 2 canaries. I'd like to have a black cat
    Career: I've never worked yet. I'm actually studying IT Engeneering at university. In October I'll start my third year.
    Favourite Gruops/singers: L'arc-en-ciel, Porno Graffiti, Angela Aki, Anna Tsuchiya, Smile DK, Ayumi Hamasaki, Ai Otsuka, Megumi Hayashibara, Akino and other Japanese singers

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    Name: Benjamin
    Age: 26
    sex: last time I checked I was a guy, I hope it didn't change in the meantime
    Location: Berlin, but I hate it and intend to move to UK/Ireland as fast possible. Lately I've been wanting to move to Italy, preferably in some nice small town in the Tuscany. But I don't speak the language and I doubt they'd need programmers around there, so I'll make do with UK/Ireland for now. Hopefully in a few years I'm moving elsewhere again, as I want to see as much of the world as I can.
    occupation: I suppose unemployed programmer.
    Hobbies: history and art. I think I should have studied history. Also anime/games/movies/the usual.
    I'm actually trying to make an XNA game, but I have trouble motivating myself. I'm stuck in pre-development, creating necessary tools and don't do much because it's incredibly tedious...and no one on the whole internet knows how to create an excel like selection.
    Talents: useless ones. I always hear people praising me for stuff I don't care about and which most definitely employer's don't care a rat's ass about.
    I'm learning Japanese for over 7 years, not that it matters much. I started because it interests me, then continued because I thought about working in Japan (no, not because of anime/games), but recently decided not to bother because people work there an average of 14 hours a day and in some jobs people sleep in the company, working like 18 hours a day with no private life whatsoever.
    That's not quite what I had in mind when thinking about my dream job or even a job I'd be willing to do.
    I can speak and understand very well by now, I can watch stuff in Japanese and understand about 80%, but I know barely any kanji because I have been and still am way too lazy to sit down and learn them.
    pets: 2 cats, originall we only had 1, but then my sister couldn't take care of hers anymore and she became a permanent resident. Both are incredibly lazy, moody, greedy and timid. About the most boring cats you can imagine.

    I used to post for ages on gfaqs, but it turned to **** and now I'm kinda trying to fill the hole.

    I work for GameStop. Yes, that is EB Games internationally. No, I'm not trying to cheat you. No, my company is not trying to cheat you. Yes, I realize that the trade values inflate and deflate regularly, and that it may have been worth $10 more yesterday than it is today. It's business, nothing personal. No, I don't control the pricing. No, yelling at me will not make the price go down. No, yelling at me and then demanding I give you my superior's superior's phone number will not make the price go down. The number to the corporate office in Grapevine, Texas is 1-817-424-2000. Please refer all complaints to them.
    lol, but gamestop is indeed cheating people. One of the worst rip offs I've ever seen.
    Okay, the worst is probably one a friend keeps telling me about when he was like 10 and Toy Story for the SNES had just been released.
    He said he traded it (opened the previous day) and 2 other games for a crappy used wrestling game for SNES at a local game store.
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    Location:Italy,in a small town near the Adriatic Coast (have you heard about L'Aquila,the city destroyed by the earthquake in April? It's not so far away XD)
    Pets: Three cats.
    Hobbies: Play videogames,drawing( but I'm not so good...),read books...
    Talents:Uhm...speak German,if that is a talent...
    If something bad happens, do the Panic Dance!

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    Whistling Songbird TFF Member Profile Asectic's Avatar
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    Kiyore, Ire
    Name: Flora Lee
    Age: 14 [unfortunately :[]
    Sex: Ummm... female??
    Location: Mississauga, ON
    Hobbies: Music, Singing, and Law
    Pets: Used to have these white cirrus cloud fishes. But they all died later
    Favorite Sub's: Music, maths, Bio and.. oh yes, history

    "Because I obviously haven't been on here for a while"
    - Said no one ever, 02/2020


    Oh hey there, thanks for opening! Here is a little section filled with my goodies here and there.

    TIMELINE - Before 2019:

    The Awesome Peeps (TFF Family):

    Tiger Lily
    Unknown Entity
    FF Ace Cid-Silver
    Secret Weapon

    TIMELINE - 2020 and Onwards:

    Music of the Week:
    Ginzen no Kaze (English Cover) - Jayn

    My DeviantArt Account

    "It was nice meeting you!"
    - Said a second nobody ever~

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    When Your Love Is Lost TFF Member Profile cbchick's Avatar
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    Name: Britt
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Location: Vineland, New Jersey
    Hobbies: i like to sing, dance, chill on the comp & hang with my fam and friends.
    Pets: 2 dogs. Shih Tzu named Max & Miniature Pincher named Jay(lawl)
    Talents: hmm..well as i said before i like to sing. i also work on amv's using WMM. very interested in computer graphics and such.

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    Name: Nick

    Age: 29

    Sex: Male

    Location, Montreal, Canada

    Hobbies: Reading, watching DVDs, being a member of the Professional Counchpotato Association.

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    Sharing is caring, and caring is ment to be shared TFF Member Profile The Dark Crystal's Avatar
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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    • Name: Eric M. C-H

    • Age: 19

    • Sex: Male

    • Location: New Caney, Texas

    • Other:

    -Im a carpet muncher.
    -My Fav color is green.
    -Xbox live gamer.
    -Fav games are Gears of war, along with FF IX, and X.
    -I have been told i am a very wise and respectable person countless times by friends and by people who asked for my help.
    -I have completed high school and im off to college.
    -Im a Sells Rep.
    -I have 6 siblings.
    -Very good at Algebra. Geometry, and Trig.
    -I also enjoy Chemistry, and Physics.
    -I am very fascinated with the Universe.
    -I used to smoke a lot of Mota (but i have been clean for awhile)
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    houston, tx

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    name - alyssa
    age - 24...i feel quite old compared to a lot of you
    sex - last i checked, female.
    location - houston, tx. its ok.
    b-day - jan 13th!
    so what do i do during the weekday? - im a teacher's aid in a class of 1st-3rd graders at a private school. i dont really teach much but the "main" teacher leaves me to do all of the art lessons (which im going to go back to school in the fall to get my teaching certification in.)
    hobbies - art of all medias (except for pencil, i really dont like drawing in pencil), watching movies, playing bass, swimming, running....
    other games/series that im quite fond of - zelda and dragon quest series, itadaki street, lego star wars, oblivion...
    lunchbox? - star wars tin one. its awesome.

    random stuff about me
    - i love sushi. so so much. this didn't happen until about 2 yrs ago.
    - favorite color is green
    - ive got an AMAZING 2 yr old son who consumes a lot of my time outside of work
    - lately ive been picking up on knitting. which makes me laugh at myself at times. but its all good

    thats all for now

    "With each passing day, the world finds new and exciting ways to kill a man." - Balthier

    final fantasy xiii-2
    pokemon fire red

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    Time to take control... TFF Member Profile Serah's Avatar
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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Ell-Serah - but Serah lol
    Location: Humberside - UK

    I don't know if posting pictures is common place but enjoy
    Wishes aren't enough, prayers either ... I'm making a promise ...

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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Nick L.
    Age: 16
    Sex: M
    Location: Midlothian Virginia, near Richmond.

    Hobbies: Currently into Music and Programming. Started learning to program this year at my school and I've played music for about 6 years now. I play guitar, tuba, bass, drums, and I can sing(kinda)

    Career: High School...I guess.

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    The Mad God TFF Member Profile Heartless Angel's Avatar
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    New Sheoth

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Zach
    Age: 20
    Sex: Other (kidding, I'm a guy)
    Location: Nebraska

    I supose if anyone wants to know more about me, all they'd have to do is ask.
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    For Our Lord Sheogorath, without Whom all Thought would be linear and all Feeling would be fleeting. Blessed are the Madmen, for they hold the keys to secret knowledge. Blessed are the Phobic, always wary of that which would do them harm. Blessed are the Obsessed, for their courses are clear. Blessed are the Addicts, may they quench the thirst that never ebbs. Blessed are the Murderous, for they have found beauty in the grotesque. Blessed are the Firelovers, for their hearts are always warm. Blessed are the Artists, for in their hands the impossible is made real. Blessed are the Musicians, for in their ears they hear the music of the soul. Blessed are the Sleepless, as they bask in wakeful dreaming. Blessed are the Paranoid, ever-watchful for our enemies. Blessed are the Visionaries, for their eyes see what might be. Blessed are the Painlovers, for in their suffering, we grow stronger. Blessed is the Madgod, who tricks us when we are foolish, punishes us when we are wrong, tortures us when we are unmindful, and loves us in our imperfection.

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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Allan Thompson

    Age: 20

    Sex: Male

    Location: Manchester, U.K

    Hobbies: I enjoy Gaming (then again who doesn't), spending time with my GF. I enjoy sociaising with my mates (practically see them all the time), talking about day to day life and the most common topic would be "so! what we doing?" lol. I like to walk aswell, I tend to go on them quite frequently generally once every 2-3 days, especially seems as we've been seeing alot of good weather recently in the UK, its the perfect excuse to escape the house and go see the country life (sad I know, leave m alone =P) 20 miles tends to keep me happy. I'm not so much into extreme sports anymore, but I still enjoy them, snowboarding, BMXing and very rarely I blade.

    Personality: I would say I'm a laid back guy, I wont let much offend me I have my agitation buttons but who doesn't? I'm a people person, I'm happy when I know I've helped others gain happiness. I also care, alot, if anyone is in any type of trouble, I'll be the first on the scene helping them in any way I can. I'm pro-active, I like to go out on walks and to keep myself busy, I cant be stuck indoors doing nothing I just have to get out and about and keeping my mind occupied.

    Okay, so it's not the best, but I can't honestly say I know myself all that well lol.

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    Deaths Corridor AKA: Under my blanket

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Jack M
    Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    Hobbies: Playing Video Games
    Listening to music
    Reading Manga
    Watching Anime

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    Registered User TFF Member Profile Xtrmn8r_V.13.7.3's Avatar
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    In a dark room to prevent glare, Auckland, New Zealnad

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Tauryn
    Age: 15 - 16
    Sex: M
    Location: The darkest corner of my house, with the curtains closed and the windows shut to prevent as much glare as possible! XP

    Career: I sell cheap as cans of drinks at my school for a living, i'm interested in Martial arts, video games ( i love fps's like metroid series and i also like the FF series, mainly Action Rpg like Kh series and Dissidia!!!(Rocks))drawing, anime, manga (like Onepiece, which i recently started again) and playing guitar (JIMI STYLE OF COURSE!!!!)
    Also i like to cook (Simply cause i like to eat)
    Oh yeah, i like to listen ing music, Rock ~ blues (Jimi, metal and yeah. . .
    oh yeah, oh yeah. . .i also speak (almost) fluently spanish, iv'e been studying for two years (estudio español en mi colegio, para dos años)
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    When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of
    Power, the world will know peace.
    ~Jimmy Hendrix~

    Thanks to Kilala for my Avataar and Signature

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    Figure eet out.

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Brian
    Age: 16
    Sex: Male
    Birth Date: 11/2
    Location: US, Illinois
    Hobbies: Reading Manga, watching Anime, playing video games (Final Fantasy obviously), hanging out with friends, and much more.
    Favorite Video Games: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Romancing SaGa, Dot Hack, Resident Evil, RPG Maker, Lost Odyssey, Mana Series, and more.
    Career: I'm currently in high school, on my way to college! I've also been searching for various jobs around my area, sadly my teenish-kid age will be coming to an end soon.
    Talent: Well I'm pretty good at drawing Anime, sports I'm pretty well in also, and some others that aren't in mind.
    Biography: I'm a pretty simple person living with a loving family I care for. I'm a pretty easygoing person, I'm nice...ish, a control freak, and possible an OCD, which I would fully understand. I love gaming, I own every FF POSSIBLE.
    Appearance: If you wanna see a picture of me, simply message me for one.
    Music: All types.

    Contact me for signature/avatar request.

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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Matthew but I always go by Linus
    Age: 24
    Sex :Male
    Location: Altus, Oklahoma

    Hobbies include Videogames (RPGs mostly), watching movies, watching Animes (love my animes) and sometimes reading.

    Career: I'm currently in the Military, been in about 7 years, hating and loving it at the same time.

    My Lunchbox is HUGE!!!!!, I eat almost everything under the sun, I also resemble a T-Rex because I love to eat stuff with meat.

    That's about it for me, hope to meet everyone soon

    ~The will to not want anything in exchange for nothing~ *Your's truly Linus*

    -98% of all teens have tried smoking pot and drinking. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy this and put it in your signature.

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    Somewhere in my mind ...

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Hmm, must have missed this. Well, better late than not at all. ^_^"

    Name: Moonlight-Zelda / SeleneHime
    Age: 16
    Sex: F
    Location: USA, Central Timezone.

    Hobbies: Writing, roleplaying, and gaming mostly. I'm training my miniature horse to do jumping for the show season in less than two months, but being he wants to jump and yet is 75% blind, I'm having to take it slow.

    Misc: For anything else, take a peek at the journal I started.

    Fan Works:
    LoZ: Crescent Light Chronicles
    LoZ: Into the Shadows
    PKMN: Chronicles of Erana
    PKMN: Dragon Knight
    PKMN: Rising Darkness
    SM: Celestial Shadows
    FF: TBD (Title To Be Decided)

    Original Works:
    Shades of Gray
    Leaute: The High One

    Scourge of Yggdra (Triology)
    SoY Extras

    Miscellaneous Collection (Short Works):
    Poetry & Songs
    Freewrites & Fragments

    Selection of Sprites
    Art and Doodles

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    TFF's Resident Messenger TFF Member Profile Michael Swayne's Avatar
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    Woodland Altars, Ohio
    Blog Entries

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Michael Swayne
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Location: Peebles, Ohio, United States

    Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Gaming

    Talents: I can juggle...a little. I can speak 3 languages fluently (English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese). I can play the drums.

    Career: Writer and Carrier for local Newspaper (The Adams County Messenger). Note: "Carrier" is a fancy term for paperboy.

    Favorite Subject In School: Mathematics and Spanish

    Pets: Two Dogs (Bo and Luke), Two Cats (Sqwiglee and Bit Bit), and one Stray Cat (Moonbeam).

    Family: One mother, one father, one brother, and one sister.

    How Big your Lunchbox Is: Never used a lunchbox. I always had my peanut butter and jelly in a brown paper bag.

    I know that I am writing this post almost three weeks after joining. Better late than never.

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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Quote Originally Posted by _-*Serah*-_ View Post
    Name: Ell-Serah - but Serah lol
    Location: Humberside - UK
    This is me
    but ima 20 now hahaha
    new profile so you can delete old one?
    ta muchly...

    i am back!

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    Arachnie Suicide TFF Member Profile ChloChloAriadne's Avatar
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    Brisbane, Australia

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: ChloChlo Froggie Ariadne Carnovale.
    Age: Guess.
    Sex: Female.
    Location: Brisbane, Australia
    Appearance: Very short. Modified.
    Music: Industrial. Darkwave. Rockabilly.
    Suicide Girl

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    All is One.One is All. TFF Member Profile Firefly's Avatar
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    The Woods

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Haylee
    Age: 15
    Sex: Female
    Location: USA

    Hobbies: Softball,Volleyball,Video Games,Writing,etc...

    Favorite subjects in school: History,P.E.,Health Science,and of course the Free periods ;]

    Pets: Two dogs: Toby and Pepper,and a cat named: Oliver

    Career: I plan on being a Vet Tech or a Vet.

    Favourite Books: Water For Elephants,The Law of the Lycan Series(by Nicky Charles),Beastly,The House of Night Series,Romeo and Juliet,and lots lots more...

    Favourite Films: Water For Elephants,Titanic,The Hangover,Gnomeo and Juliet,Grown Ups,Howl's Moving Castle,Tangled,etc.

    Favourite Anime/Manga: Inuyasha,Durarara,Full Metal Alchemist,etc
    My TFF Family:
    * My Awesome Older Brother, Judge Magistrate :]
    * Illusion :]
    * Cait Sith :]
    * My Sweet,Caring,Older Sister angelmarie190515 :]
    * My FF Twin, nickness89 :]
    * My Favorite Australian Cousin, NikkiLinkle :]
    * My Long Lost Cousin, Hero without a Name :]

    ***98% of all teens have tried smoking pot and drinking. If you're one of the 2% who hasn't, copy this and put it in your signature.

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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: Vany ['s just a nickname ^^']
    Age: 13 x_x
    Sex: Female
    Location: Cologne, Germany

    I think this forum is pretty nice..yeah. I'll have fun ^_^

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    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name: DirtyLez (my gaming name - not as rude as it sounds!)
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Location: UK
    Let's see...I'm a creative manager but I don't get paid for it, I'm a performance poet but I don't get paid for it, I'm a writer and a musician but guess what - I don't get paid for it! Doesn't bother me much though, money's not the main thing. I love my life and my home and my Final Fantasy! Also Dead Frontier is pretty bitchin XD

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    &amp;amp;amp;amp;quot;my destiny evades me&amp;amp;amp;amp;quot; TFF Member Profile magewarrior's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Name; Jesse
    Age; 26
    Sex; Male
    Location; Ottawa, Ontario
    Appearance; Blue eyes, Brown wavy hair (shoulder length) and a large frame.
    Hobbies; gaming, huge forum junkie, writing, drawing, biking, watching hockey, etc.
    Fav Movie Genres; Horror, Sci-Fi, and Action Adventure.
    Fav Music Genres; DubStep, Instrumental, and Rock-Pop. (but I'll listen to just about anything really)

    (if you want to know more about me feel free to pm me don't be shy)
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    California: Teh Promised Land
    Blog Entries

    Re: TFF Member Profile

    Name; cyanosuke, to you
    Age; a quarter of a century.
    Sex; Female
    Location; California
    Appearance; Blue eyes, Brown wavy hair (shoulder length) and a large frame. (*snort* this was just too funny to change, so I kept it. I'm actually a pretty short girl, so it IS funny. And the eyes ain't blue.
    Hobbies; Gaming, knitting kitty hats, studying medical terminology, general air punching.
    Fav Movie Genres; Every film ever made, but mostly Mystery/suspense, British comedies.
    magewarrior, you can be assured of un-"shyness" here, but you might be surprised to find a sprinkling of common "ah, I forgot to do that."
    Last edited by Cyanist; 04-08-2012 at 08:36 PM.
    ~I'm sorry I haven't been around very much~

    The votes are in for the sketch contest. See who won the epic battle here:

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