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Thread: Shallot Liltian, Onion Knight! At your service!

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    Shallot Liltian, Onion Knight! At your service!

    Hey there. Just wandered in here after realizing I hadn't been on a gaming forum in I don't remember how long. Pretty big into Final Fantasy, especially XIV at the moment, so thought I'd hop on here and see what's what.

    Onion Knights are my favorite class in the Final Fantasy series and I went out of my way in FFXIV to be the best one I could be!

    Azure Forme.jpg

    Crimson Forme.jpg

    Shallot (type of onion) Liltian (after the onion-like Lilties in Crystal Chronicles)

    Anywho, glad to be here!

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    chancellor.pngMake yourself at home here.

    It isn't very active right now, only a handful of us really are left who post anything...but I'm always bored, so, you can count on me checking back once or twice a day.
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    It's true - we go through waves~

    Welcome! Onion Knights are HECKIN' RAD
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