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Thread: Return of the Spooniest Bard

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    Return of the Spooniest Bard

    Hey y'all

    Nov 5th last year my mom freak allergic reacted to her blood pressure meds and died suddenly.

    ... Er ...uh.

    Not the end of her story I would have hoped for.

    Consequently, I haven't been in much lately I don't think. I guess I signed back in to the forums at Yeah, seems so...

    Hullo again y'all.

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    Wow, uh...

    I'm truly sorry to hear about your mom. That really sucks.

    Welcome back to the boards though!
    Crao Porr Cock8- Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    Wow, uh...

    I'm truly sorry to hear about your mom. That really sucks.

    Welcome back to the boards though!
    Thank you.

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    Sorry to hear that... but I'm glad you're back regardless

    Ta DA!!!:

    Alright, who censored my rocketship?

    From The Clint Eastwood
    I'm thinking about creating a hybrid. A dolphin-monkey. Half dolphin, half monkey. Do you think it's possible?
    I was thinking that since I'm artificially creating it, I'll create it with rocket fuel instead of blood, and thus it will be able to fly, using the dolphin's dorsal fins as wings. And from the air, it will look down upon us all and protect us against sharks, and search for bananas.
    Block says:" this one time i got SUPER blazed and was riding with my friend to mcd's and i ran my fingers through my jew fro saying "I just feel like dancing"
    by Alpha: "Hate breeds hate. Love breeds love. F*ck real politik."
    Originally Posted by Michael Swayne
    I find Gypsy to be a very interesting person. In fact, when my hair grows out some more, Gypsy has already laid claim to it when I cut it again.

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    Thanks Gypsy Eyes

    You know, I've realized that I've been hypnotized...ehehehehe Jimi Hendrix nonsense

    Er, I do not have a history in my life of being sociable or even tempered

    :/ I don't like it and it has always gone contrary to my will in life, and increasingly so in proportion to the stress I have endured

    Sorry internets

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    I have recovered my identity from before Eyes on Final Fantasy met me and before I romhacking.netted.

    ...Thank you friends, even if your teachings are harsh and mean, they are necessary and I know why.

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