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    New member ^_^

    So hey

    This is sorta a hard hitting intro so apologies in advance

    I've loved FF since about 7/8 years old when I first watched my uncles play Final Fantasy 8 (it wasn't until a few years on that I managed to get a hold of my first FF game (IX) ) So christ that's 20odd years.

    But yeah the series helped me through a patch of bullying when I was young and it just so happens that i'm going through a spate of depression at the moment so i'm turning back to the series (my partner and I lost our first born at a month old just over a year ago, sadly I still haven't fully gotten over it despite the fact we have had a second child since). It's just a wonderful way to get away isn't it ^_^

    Anyway's yeah I'm sat here listening to a piano album on amazon music of FF tracks, they are a delight.

    But yeah, as I'm a bit of a loner and have no friends I thought I'd reach out online and see if there are people I can chat to, came across here so hey

    Despite all that I'm generally a happy chappy so hopefully I'll stick around!

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    Welcome aboard! Hope to see you posting!
    Crao Porr Cock8- Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers

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    Hey, welcome to the place where you are welcomed, Luseth. If you happen to come back and look at this. Sorry we missed you, lol...

    Sounds like you are going thru some rough stuff. I hope that gets better for you.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Sad to hear about your child. I do understand your motivations to play the series given that you have fond memories of it as a child, its a similar feeling for myself and also a reason why I keep coming back to the series.
    Hope you stick around, we are a tight-knit forum with few remaining active members, but we are here and thats what matters.

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