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Thread: Hey guys !

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    Hey guys !

    Hi, this is Vince, 16 years old from France. I don't go further in my description so if you want to know me, just talk to me ^^ .

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    Re: Hey guys !

    Welcome to TFF.
    Take a look around to see what you like.

    Take advantage of the Adoption Agency while you're here.

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    Re: Hey guys !

    Hey, welcome to the forums! Post around and have fun.

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    Re: Hey guys !

    Salutations. Je cherchais à aller en France dans l'avenir, mais je ne hélas pas l'argent. Ergo, je dois trouver un moyen de Voyage et de voir la France pour la première fois. J'avais de la famille à partir de là. J'ai eu envie de passer des années. J'ai aussi besoin d'apprendre à bien parler le français. Nous ne parlons pas ici sur un divan, et pourtant c'est l'idée. Connaissez-vous des personnes âgées de votre pays qui font ce genre de chose? Je voudrais faire du réseautage avec des gens que vous savez peut-être. J'ai aussi voulu vérifier dans le champ de cascadeur. J'ai également un intérêt à Sabot et apprendre plus au sujet de l'industrie se battre.
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    I would skip the part about it being a 100lb box set and consider the relative mass to converted energy for the staircase. The style I would first choose is to go for the Aeronaut legos and calculate relative time and distance to the axis points within the electromagnetic field that could cross over warping into a wormhole given enough density converted into energy by using the funnelled power of the sun. Enough power may be derived not from the sun, but from the mass of an artificial, contained black hole connected to a semi-quantum theorized single vacuum tube for energy wave processing. You cause youself to fold inward and then collapse in on itself, while rematerializing into another universe or within the same universe with the rest of your ship. Your reference points will be the nearby astrology of wherever you ended up, as well as the age of the nearby stars relative to your current star maps. Go ahead and give me a call or send me an email if I am considered for the position. Thanks. It was nice meeting you.
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    I am slapping this thread up for an update. There was a petition set up at Petition Spot for .hack//Link (PSP). It says it is needing 50,000 signers, but it looks like they are asking for only 100 right now. This is asking for either an English patch or an English release towards both NA and Europe regions. It is the last game of the entire series.

    .hack//Link English Localization- Petition Spot

    The first two series, for those of you who don't read or know, were 7 volumes total and all for PS2. There was also an 8th; it was called .hack//Fragment Offline. A lot of people didn't know that I bet. Has anyone read any .hack manga? If you don't plan on getting Link and instead prefer to read, I recommend at least trying out .hack//Link Manga- Read .hack//Link Manga Online for Free at Manga Fox. Let me know what you think.

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    Re: Hey guys !

    welcome to TFF!!!!!!!! have fun here and make loads of friends

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