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Thread: A decade later

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    A decade later

    10 years later and just by logging in memories are flooding back. A nostalgic feeling; I'm swept with a familiarity and at the same time a sense of being an outsider...

    Of course it's normal. 10 years is a long time. Even so, I wonder how many familiar faces still frequent these parts of the internet? I'm glad to see this place is here, and so many people still support each other. I learned a lot - writing, speaking, socialization - and it is nice to see people still share their experiences together.

    All thanks to Final Fantasy.

    I guess I should just leave it with this: while at any point in time we experience change, it is a nice breath of fresh air to see things that have stayed the course. I hope everyone here is doing well and, if you remember a good time of sorts, please say hi and share.

    I'll be staying around for a little bit.

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    Hello there Old Timer I'm not so storied around here, but I've been on FF forums since about 2010-11 or so.

    As such I haven't a memory of you to post, but I would love to see more posting on here. FF is a great series and deserves a nice, friendly community with its own vibe. I find facebook/twitter kind of medicinal, and emotionally kind of stagnant.
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    I remember you! Welcome back!

    It's crazy to think that I've been here for 16 years now. I've pretty much had ever major life experience while a member here.

    I hope you do stick around for a while. It's good to see familiar names come back.
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    It's been a long time Kyle, I remembered you immediately from the avatar image. Good to see you back. We've got new blood and old blood still hanging around. So you should still find familiar faces.
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    Maybe people will get back into foruming someday, but right now every forum I've seen is more or less the same...quiet. It must be strange to have left at that time, and come back to find it almost deserted.
    "I find this all to be highly inappropriate."

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