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Thread: The Zone.

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    The Zone.

    So I've been a bit lazy about coming on here and posting... and for that I am sorry. FF13 has put me into one of my grooves otherwise known as "the zone". I do little more than just play this game for hours at a time. I love it wholly.

    I'm sure everyone has a frame of mind in which they develop a disinterest in everything except for one narrow facet. What was your most recent obsession? For me it was FF13, but for you it may have been... picking belly button lint... or practicing your cursive 'q's... or slapping frogs in the midsummer day. You get the point.

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    Re: The Zone.

    In the last week, I've been spending a lot of time on Final Fantasy XIII in the evenings/early mornings and doing some work during the daytime. I've been in The Zone a lot. ^^;

    When I'm in "The Zone", I tend to ignore most other things. I only go into it when I'm trying to concentrate on something, or when I'm upset and I want to block a few things out by doing something else.

    Sometimes, it's quite selfish being in The Zone. Other things get neglected. =(

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    Re: The Zone.

    Yeah I get in the zone when I am really into a a sweet book and everything just goes still and the only thing that is happening is what is in the book, I also got in the Zone with Okami as well. Or if I am day dreaming I am in the zone I hate it when my day dreams get interrupted.
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    Re: The Zone.

    I'm not obsessed with anything. Everything is obsessed with me.
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    Re: The Zone.

    FF13 was a recent obsession, but after beating it, I'm now completely addicted to Persona 4. Yeah it may be spring break and all, but I put about 30+ hours on it already lol.
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    Re: The Zone.

    My most recent obsession has been FF XIII too, but I'll get in an art "zone" where I'll just sit at my desk and scribble away at ideas for hours at a time. Sometimes, I'll lose track of time and I'll forget to eat or something, and by the time I realize that I'm hungry, then I'm very hungry. So yeah, when I'm in the "zone", not a lot of other things are that important to me.
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    Re: The Zone.

    I'd be in the FF13 zone too if it weren't for the fact that I have no cash to buy it right here and now. So what I've been doing lately is playing WoW to pass the time. I don't even want to go into detail, cause I know what most people think about WoW, lol. Anyways, aside from that, I've been turning in applications and playing all of my older games such as Dragon Quest V, Kingdom Hearts, and Ace Attorney: Justice and Tribulations.

    I really should get back to drawing.. all this gaming is getting me nowhere .

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    Re: The Zone.

    I've been in "the zone" for about a week and a half now, studying my ass off for a horrible, horrible chemistry test. A lot of number crunching and memorization of various equations and formulas. I had a hell of a time figuring out just what the **** PV=nRT means. It's actually quite easy. It's the ideal gas law. P is pressure, V is volume, n is the number of moles, R is the constant (0.0821 k atm/mol L), and T is temperature. You just plug in whatever information is given, and boom... you'll probably get it wrong. I'll get it right, but that's only because I'm really good at this crap. I really didn't do much else this past week and a half.

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    Re: The Zone.

    My recent obsession is prbably asparagus, it's so delish, and I can't stop eating it for some reason, I'll eat a whole bundle in a day

    Other than that RE4 this week.

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    Re: The Zone.

    The only zone I frequent is the Danger Zone. What can I say? My middle name is Danger. Oh, wait, no. Strike that. It's Knox.

    I, like everyone else here, get obsessed with video games easily. It was FFXIII for a while, but then Gamefly decided to send me Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno, so I'm pretty much obsessed with those right now.
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    Re: The Zone.

    I get in 'The Zone' with video games all the time, and like most of you I tend to neglect everything else.

    The last time I was really in the Zone was when I started playing Gears of War, and Then Gears of War 2. I don't know what it is about that game, but I can sit their for hours, or even days wasting my time on XBL
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    Re: The Zone.

    Oh I get in the zone alot. I have an addictive personality. Which makes things good so long as I'm in the right mindset. But from video games to reading up on something I can be great with details. If I'm uninterested I won't retain any of it or it's hard to anyway. But yeah being in the zone is great.

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    Re: The Zone.

    The zone is now code name for vagina.

    Quote Originally Posted by James K. Polk View Post
    The only zone I frequent is the Danger Zone. What can I say? My middle name is Danger. Oh, wait, no. Strike that. It's Knox.
    LOL nice, Polk. Somehow I knew you'd pull through on this thread.
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    Re: The Zone.

    I have been neglecting all my shows I watch to play FFXIII. I can't help it the game is so damn addicting.

    Another thing that causes that for me is working out. I forget everything that is going on at the tiem..

    Sitting here waiting for Rocky, and Che to notice me!!

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    Re: The Zone.

    HeartGold and FF XIII have me pretty much obsessed. I step out to do homework and whatnot, but I am completely prepared to obsess over FFXIV when it comes out.


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