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Thread: your favorite childhood memories

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    your favorite childhood memories

    Feeling nostalgic?

    I used to ride my bike up Kimberly Road to Northpark Mall in the summer, and get my ass whooped at Street Fighter Alpha. I took my first girlfriend for a date there during the winter one year.

    I've been back to town recently and Malls just aren't what they used to be, dunno really how to describe it.

    What are some of your happy childhood memories, long since vanished to the ether?

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    I had a lot of great memories from childhood, some were big moments, but tend to appreciate the more mundane, everyday things.

    Going to the park with my dad, playing catch and taking batting practice.

    Going out to my grandparents summer place, sitting on the deck, having family bbq's and hanging out in a kiddie pool we'd set up in the back.

    Going to Caldor's (kinda like a Target in the early 90s) at the Metro Mall and picking up Sonic 3 after having a good 3rd grade report card. It had rooftop parking and my dad pointed out a bunch of places that you couldn't see from street level.

    I'm sure there's more, but I have to shower and get ready for work.
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    One Summer after 3rd grade, I believe, my family borrowed my grandparents' motor home to drive to North Dakota for a family reunion. I spent a lot of time with my eldest brother on that trip, listening to his music, "racing" him at a rest stop, having to drive an hour back to said rest stop because he dropped his wallet while racing me (lol). There was a giant cow in New Salem, ND that we drove to. It was the only time that my father's tiny home town wasn't terribly boring. Was the first road trip I'd ever been on, and the only one for a number of years.

    Some other things:

    Summer trips to the coast, staying overnight; saturday morning cartoons, heh; all three brothers sharing a room, lol; sleeping over at a friend's house, staying up really late talking about serious or scary things; the Summer of Ska, what the radio played around that time; driving around with my sister when she was collecting beanie babies...

    Stuff. Stuff and things.

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