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Thread: Travelling and activities regarding exploration

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    Travelling and activities regarding exploration

    Do any of you fancy a nice adventure in the way of sightseeing, or hiking, going to the beach, going out of your normal routine to do something out of town (or state?) If you enjoy the activities mentioned above, where do you like to explore or travel to? If you don't like travelling or adventure, what is it that you dislike about it? For those of you who like travelling, do you have any tips and pointers for others on what they should and shouldn't do when travelling?

    In my current lifetime, I'm more and more keen on travelling as I'm growing up and developing new interests as I get out and see new things, meet new people, experience things I've never experienced before and It's quite satisfying doing new things out of the norm and seeing new places. Recently, I went to a beach I've never been to before with some friends and it was a pretty neat experience, after we were done with the beach, we went to a nearby town area and ate at a bar and grill called Gilligan's Island (like the show.) My parents used to constantly go on summer vacations with my sister and I back in the past and I think that also played a part in instilling my interest in exploration and travel.

    Feel free to share any experiences you have had, or will have!
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    I love to visit new places and experience new sights and culture. I just hate the process involved with flying.

    I don't travel often, but when I do, I try to immerse myself in my surroundings and get the most out of my trip. I try to mix up doing the typical tourist stuff with finding places that the locals would go to. If the area I'm going to has an MLB team, I'll make it a point to visit the ballpark.

    So far this year, I've been to Boston and Miami, both of which I've never been. I'll also be going to Hawaii in July, which I am beyond excited about.

    I have a lifetime goal of visiting all 50 states, and to go to a baseball game in every pro stadium.
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    Yup, flying sucks. At least waiting in airports for your flight sucks. Delays and cancellations suck even worse. I spent more time than I have ever wanted in airports during my time in the Air Force, lol... One time I was at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport for like 16 hours. In my ABUs. Yay Tech School... Another time my flight was delayed so bad that, once I got to the next airport, I had to run across the place to make it to my connecting flight.

    I far prefer driving. I kinda like driving. But only for like one day. When I came home, I drove 3 days straight, the first two days 12 hours, and the third day 10. It also helps if there's actually something to look at. Southern Wyoming is a whole lotta nothin'. I remember being like "OH MY GOSH!!" at one point that day, lol... Also, my cat was with me. She did really well the first two days, but on the third day she started freaking out a little bit. Can't really blame her, heh. She also went through the flying process with me, and she was really good with that, only really complaining when we were walking around (I think she was getting jostled, and didn't like it). Sometimes I get the urge to just go on a road trip, tho. Just recently, actually.

    I like hiking trails, too. And camping. Camping is awesome.

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