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Thread: Terrorist Attack Foilers - Rejected Gallantry Medals

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    Terrorist Attack Foilers - Rejected Gallantry Medals

    Last year, Glasgow Airport was involved in a terrorist attack, the terrorists where attempting to destroy the main terminal on the same day that the Greater Glasgow School Summer Holidays had begun, intending to murder the holiday-makers that mostly consisted of families with school children.

    A group of men managed to stop the Islamic Extremists by attacking them. The most publicised member of the group is set to recieve a medal from the Queen, however the other members who attacked these terrorists are being ignored, most likely because John Smeaton was the only one who would talk to BBC representatives and gained public intrest.

    So what do you think? If a person risks their life to save other people, should they be publicly awarded?

    Full Story: Sunday Mail

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    It's a tricky situation, but I think that it should not be based on publicity. If all of the men were involved in stopping the attacks, then they should all be rewarded or at least recognized for their efforts. Chances are, if one did not stand up to fight, the others would not have either.

    It's just like with any team sport. If your team wins the championship, you all get rings. Sure someone might get an MVP trophy (which really wouldn't be involved here, unless someone gave his life to save everyone, etc.), but the entire team is rewarded nonetheless.
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    Eventhough some don't seek out publicity and are modest people they all did the same thing on the moment when it mattered, so yes everybody should be rewarded for things like this. Although they might don't want to get into the publicity to avoid that their identity is discovered by the terrorist organization or something.

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    At the end of the day, all a medal gets you is honour and publicity, which is what they turned down in the first place by turning down a BBC interview. All that those who were left out have missed out on is meeting the Queen... which imo isn't really that exciting an experience. Not that I've experienced it... but I don't really want to.

    However, if I was in their situation, and if the medal was foil covered chocolate, then I would be rather livid at missing out on this reward.

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