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    Rip aim

    AIM will be discontinued on December 15, 2017 - AOL Help

    AOL Instant Messenger is officially being shut down on December 15. I don't know about you guys, but I'm a little bummed about that. I've had AIM since before I started high school in 2000, through college and at least until 2012.

    It's been crucial in getting me laid for the first time, and also for keeping in touch with some of my best friends along the years. I know everyone is all about other forms of social media, but for old fucks like myself, this was the go to.

    I remember that a good away message was better than anything you could tweet. I remember creeping on crushes, hearing the door open sound, and talking to friends about appropriate waiting times before saying hi, and them doing the same.

    I also remember being on AIM when I had my first beer, sneakily taken from the fridge when I was 14, talking to people from this site, as well as friends from school, around 3am.

    I'll never forget all of the stupid TFFChat chat rooms that were made, and all of the ridiculously insane drama and hilarity that transpired.

    I'll never forget forging the long lasting relationships with my best friends over stupid conversations.

    I'm sure everyone here of a certain age has memories of AIM. Feel free to share them.

    I want to fire it up one last time. If anyone else is down, post your sn here. Maybe we can get one last tffchat going
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    I haven't used it since the TFF glory days, but i had some good laughs/memories..

    I can't even recall my username, was it EvilNix?

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    I still weep over MSN messenger.

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    Holy shit.

    I killed off my first AIM account years and years ago when I deactivated the associated AOL account, but I'm pretty sure I've still got accounts under both LocoColt04 and MisterCZAR. I uh... I wonder if those still exist and what the fuck their passwords were.
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