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Thread: lewis hamilton race row

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    lewis hamilton race row

    this has really pissed me off. racism is wrong especially in sport
    no disrespect to any spaniards but get a ****ing life jees. just because hamilton is better than your alonso. i mean he is a good racer but he was outclassed last year. the taunting has to stop from all nationalalities not just the spanish. any racist should be ashamed of themselves. the guy was brought up in a small house in an estate that was near enough a shit hole and became one the best english talents ever.
    i will end on this note that lets kick racism out of f1 and all sport.
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    Couldn't agree more. The scenes I saw on the news were disgraceful. How anyone can be judged in such a manner in the 21st Century is just incomprehensible. Lewis is a natural talent, and that has nothing to do with skin colour. I abhor racism in every possible way, but it would seem that sadly there is a racial undertone in Spanish sport. It needs to be addressed and promptly.

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