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Thread: Let me ask you guys this...

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    Let me ask you guys this...

    This was inspired by recent events these days. I really want to know your opinions on this.

    Let's say that you bought a house, got everything settled, and finally think about starting the internet services up and working, or even the cell-phone contracts. But with which company?

    Since we all come from different countries here, I won't give out any names. For now I sort of have my heart set on Rogers. The comapny with the red background, little white circle-thingy. Allthough they can be the same as usual, for all I know they aren't really as mean as this other one we've has a mess with lately.

    edit: any companies which irked you? I'm also looking for any recommendations too, for I can't depend on my parents forever anyways.
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    Re: Let me ask you guys this...

    This is still fresh in my memory, as I had to go through this March-April. I had gotten my computer in February, and I was wanting to get it hooked up to the Internet. I did a major shop-around. First I thought to go with the satellite internet service that my satellite television bundles with. I called the number, and was on the phone for 90 minutes just to find out that not only do I have to BUY the satellite, but it costs an arm and a leg.

    Then, I called the satellite internet company I had been getting advertisements from. Turns out that they don't even serve my area. I ask them why are they sending out flyers to the area then. They reply that they can connect me with the same people I talked with the day before. Apparently, the two major companies of satellite internet service work with each other.

    Then I called the local phone company to get a phone line installed. I thought to use the internet service that came free with my computer (NetZero, I think). I had to have a phone line in order to do that. Anyway, I call them up, and they come install the wire. When I say that I need it for the computer, they suggest that I just go with a dry line Internet, since I use cell phones for all calls anyway.

    So, it has been 8-9 months now. I am pretty happy with the Internet service I have. It's cheap, and fast. And once the rest of my "neighbors" get hooked up, then the company can offer even faster speeds at reasonable prices.
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    Re: Let me ask you guys this...

    We've used AOL (nightmare), BT (broadband fail), and dial-up dongles from T-Mobile (fail, but good for a dongle) and 3 (epic fail), and now we've got Tiscalli/TalkTalk. AOL and BT never did work very well, and was always slow and painful. And expensive. I got a T-Mobile dongle from school when they lent me a laptop for my studies, and it really wasn't bad - I was able to do what I needed to do at the time. When I bought my own laptop, 3 were the company I picked to have a contract with to help with payments, and I got landed their piece of shit dongle.

    Now we're on TalkTalk (previously Tiscalli), and things seem pretty good. It's quite cheap, and covers the phones too - and we can call local and some international landlines for free for an hour at a time, which comes in handy with friends and relatives all over the place. Sometimes it really acts up though, and the net will drop every now and then, but it's okay. Better than dial-up for damn sure.

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    Re: Let me ask you guys this...

    One doesn't really have much choice here where I live, both internet and mobile service is goddamn awful to say the least. I guess things would be better if there were more competition, but certain people put a lot of effort to make sure there aren't any.

    It ain't all that bad though, not sure why but internet has improved vastly over the last few months. They offer new cheaper, but noticeably better packages. I signed new contract just recently, used to have 10 GB limit on my internet, and poor speed, now it's four times faster and there's not limit, they also gave me a free mobile with it which is neat.

    As for cell phone contracts, you'll get skinned no matter what. I'm with ERONET right now, they do give various packages and discounts every now and then but it's still laughable compared to certain operators in Croatia.

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    Re: Let me ask you guys this...

    ive used 2 companies so far, and annoyingly they are sister companies so i cant seem to get away from the damn place. i just went for what was cheapest, if i didnt know i was moving then id defo be looking at a package with virgin or summat, or O2 as I have my mobile contract with them and can get it combined

    I do find that ultimetley though, when it comes to problems that may arise, whoever you are with are bollocks and its always hight rate bloody phone numbers you have to ring to get it fixed - and you end up having to work it out yourself becasue they havent got a clue anyway

    that and the connection where i live is just terrible OH WELL WE CAN GIVE YOU SUPER FAST ONE MILLION GB OF BROADBAND. What difference does that make when where i live will only run at snail pace regardless YOU IDIOTS

    think the boy has a tv/BB package with virgin, so thats what it'll be when i up sticks and invade his house with my cat and shoes

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    Re: Let me ask you guys this...

    I was paying 17.99 a month with Talk Talk for a couple years, but I switched to BT last summer for the three months free (four, actually, because I ordered it over the Internet). It is slightly fater which I like, but in the two and a half years I had Talk Talk, the router went down a total of twice. BT's hub trips out at least once a fortnight. This is resolved by switching it off and switching it back on again, but it is irksome. Also, because it is cheap, this means ther is a download limit which I nearly always breach.

    I have Sky television (which my parents pay for!) and I am considering getting Broadband with them when my contract with BT is up. I still want my telephone with BT, though as it is the best deal and service I have come across.
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