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Thread: I miss the moogles

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    I miss the moogles

    Remember when there were moogles to denote whether there had been activity in one of the forums? I liked those moogles. They were good moogles. They were 16 bit moogles. Mog was a 16 bit moogle, and the BEST moogle.

    Remember that one member, Moogles Kick Ass? His name had the word "moogle" in it. Also he didn't want to get to know new members, I think he said, and also I think Cobain and he didn't get along (or was it someone else he didn't get along with? I forget.)

    I used to use Stiltzkin as my avy. He was a moogle. I also used Croco. Croco was not a moogle, though.

    Did Pete eat all the moogles? Terrible form. Should've saved some for me.

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    I remember when I met my first moogle... ...she did Specter on me and made me stab myself

    WHAT A JERK... ...Wait now I get it

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    "I find this all to be highly inappropriate."

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    I for one did not eat all of them. Some, yes. But not all.

    I remember MKA didn't want to get to know any new members. He was one of the original asshole vets who would treat people like shit and call them newbs because their join date was a month later than his. I also remember he was gay and liked Jamiroquai, not that there's anything wrong with that. I also think I remember him either being from DC or going to school there.

    I also remember Mydako either learned or invented the rest of the Cetra language.
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    There is something very wrong with liking Jamiroquai.
    Let's go into the "archives" in "Washington D.C." and find out how people "masturbated" in the "roaring 20's."

    Crao Porr Cock8. Bitch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polk View Post
    There is something very wrong with liking Jamiroquai.
    Virtual insanity, if you ask me.

    I tend to feel the same way about people who like Golden Earring.
    "I find this all to be highly inappropriate."

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