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Thread: How's everyone doing?

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    How's everyone doing?

    I know we don't really get to posting much around here anymore, but I'm just wondering how everyone's doing. I know the remaining few of us are a strange bunch of all different walks of life, but I miss the banter and bullshit.

    That being said, whoever's around, how the hell are ya?
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    Today, I just jogged the basic loop I would run 8 years ago for the first time in like 4+ years. Droppin' that weight. Also, buzzed, and not getting enough sleep, because I'm foolish, lolol. Trying to figure out what my next move is, job-wise. Working the easiest job I've ever had, but it pays like 25 cents more than minimum wage, so yeah. But I draw and listen to podcasts all day, lol.

    How are you?

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    Work work work and more work sums up my life right now. Company I work with has been opening several stores so I have been getting ran ragged the last month. Waiting for things to get back to normal. I sit around sometimes and wonder how some of the people here are doing. Have pretty fond memories of this place from back in the days.

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    I am doing pretty well. Got myself a power smokeless indoor grill for the apartment. My grill pan emits too much smoke. A fan and windows open are a necessity. Did a lot of cooking for xmas. Tried some new side dishes yesterday they turned out pretty good. Roasted cabbage with walnuts, parmigiano, and saba (used balsamic vinegar as a sub) from "Six Season by Joshua McFadden" and Brussels sprouts with quince and bacon from "My Portugal by George Mendes". I had those with some sous-vide lamb chops.

    Job is going well and have had some time home with the holidays. I will be getting back on the road early to mid January. No luck on the dating end, but that is a mixture of job and myself to blame. Being on the road frequently and when I am home, I tend to try new recipes. It is a conundrum, I am bettering my cooking ability but that is hindering me from going out. While my closest friends are single they do not have the discretionary income that I do. I don't mind trying new restaurants solo, but even I have reservations about going out without a wingman. Lastly, not wanting any kids at all, including any from her previous relationship, really narrows it down and in this area it is very limiting. I feel a more urban area there may be more options, but the job is really good with the perks and all.

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    I'm doing well. Kind of hate my job, but I'm also closer to working for myself than ever before. I have one kid, who's just turned one, and my second son is due in April. I love them to bits and they have changed my life far more than I expected, but they're also the reason I'm hanging on to a job I don't really like... 2020 is the year I finally don't have a student loan, which should free me up to buy my own house in 2021. I'm currently working through a fitness program that today saw me run 8km: the most I've ever ran at once. I think maybe I'll join the Army Reserves eventually.

    The more I read of what I was talking about on here approximately a decade a go, the more I dislike my old self. There are surprisingly few shared opinions.

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