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Thread: Happy Merry

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    Happy Merry

    Happy Merry Christmas Holidays, everybody. My family more or less did our celebrating yesterday, tho I'm also probably going to see extended family tomorrow. That'll probably be awkward.

    The only thing I asked for this year was beer. My sister and her husband got me like 18 beers for my birthday and Christmas, lol. Other people got me other stuff, tho. My brother got me a synth kit, to make a little synthesizer or something. He has little circuit-breaking projects he does, so I guess it's like that, but with instructions, heh.

    Happy Merry again.

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    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy one!

    Like Taco, I didn't really ask for anything. I'm pretty terrible with being impulsive and buying things in a whim. I told my family that if they felt compelled to buy me anything, just go and get crap off my Amazon wishlist.

    My future in laws got me some beer and a nice tool set. Lots of useful things that I'll wind up using.

    Right now I'm just sitting in my recliner with a cup of coffee waiting for everyone else to wake up.
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