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Thread: Christmas 2018 thread

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    Christmas 2018 thread

    Hello everyone, It is that time of year again and I wanted to start a topic related to this (now past) Christmas so everyone can share their awesome Christmas experiences for this year! What day did you celebrate Christmas? What did you do for Christmas?

    My Christmas hasn't started yet as I am waiting for family to come down from out of state so we can get together as a family and spend time together. I can share about what I did for Christmas Day though! My brothers and sisters and I played some board games. Before I joined in, I chilled and played some games on the Super NES Classic having fun.

    Several hours later, we decided to watch a Christmas movie and the movie we decided to watch is Jingle All The Way which was a really cheesy kind of movie, but it was all good fun. After the movie we played a card game called Werewolf (which is similar to mafia) and the object of the game is to find out who is the werewolf of the group of people of different roles. After that, we next played Dinosaur Island which is a theme park building game and the objective is to get the most victory points by building a good dinosaur park. After those games we played, we just sat and chilled for the remainder of the evening and that was pretty much my day for Christmas day.
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    Merry Christmas Sabin.

    I drank a bunch of ciders, watched Infinity War, and then watched some terrible horror movie my brother wanted me to watch with him. There was also a white elephant party, and then a Boxing Day party that also had a white elephant exchange. I bought liquor for both parties, and in general would have rather had the liquor than what I got My family is doing stuff on Saturday.

    Also I graduated magna cum laude from Uni, paid off my car, and got a job. I guess the first two things happened a bit earlier, so mostly I just got a job.

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    Dude, gross. Nobody wants to hear about your magna cum laude. Keep that shit in the bedroom.

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    I usually just cum, cry and then pay the lady.

    In all honesty, Christmas was pretty good. Spent Christmas Eve with the wife's side of the family, having dinner and opening gifts and such. Then Christmas day we spent it with my side. Pretty much sat around bullshitting, eating, drinking and watching a Die Hard marathon. It was good times.
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    This time I celebrated Christmas with my family for the first time since 2015. For Xmas eve I went to my sister's in-laws. Christmas day I went to my mother's. My sister's and I each contributed a part for the dinner. My nieces had a good time opening their presents from everyone. I got my little niece a VTech learning drum set for educational and loud noises purposes. I got a $50 gift card to Crate and Barrel which I bought a couple of cast iron pans. There also was some Die Hard watching as IFC was having a marathon. A pretty good time overall.

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