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Thread: The Australian Plebiscite for Marriage Equality

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    The Australian Plebiscite for Marriage Equality

    So we are having a postal vote in Australia to see the majoritys opinion on same sex marriage and its costing the taxpayer 122 million. Anyway, I've done a little more digging because there was something I could not reconcile (and something Alpha had said to me that I didn't understand until yesterday), that marriage is actually separate from religion and has nothing to do with the church. I literally thought if you were not married in a church, a couple had a civil union. I'm not sure why I had thought this all these years, but its clarified a lot of things to me. Now I know that state recognized marriage is also 'marriage' , the church does not have a legal requirement to marry couples if they choose to refuse, why the hell are we denying couples the rights and liberties of heterosexual married couples? I agreed with heartless in the sense that the government is to blame and that church and state shouldn't have been 'muddled' like this, but gay couples should have the same rights as married couples legally. Knowing now that marriage is literally a state recognized law with nothing to do with religion WHATSOEVER, why the hell are we not doing it?

    Okay here's my pathetic problem. I am a stubborn piece of shit. Even though I've always believed in equality and the liberty for all, I do however hate the leftist libtards who take things too far with their outrageous and pathetic protests. Its because of their hippy ideals I'm tempted to vote no, just to spite them. However, I then remember that I have a couple of friends who are gay and my vote, if anything, should be being used for them. Secondly, I'm super stubborn and hate admitting that I was wrong to even contemplate not voting yes, even though I did not have all the information.

    I'm also now incredibly intrigued to hear an argument against this now. Literally why not?

    Here is the worst anti-gay marriage ad we have in Australia at the moment. Even when I was contemplating a no vote, I still could not understand the argument being put fourth in the advertisement. Could someone kindly explain this to me also, please?

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    I couldn't understand the ad either. Damn kangaroo accents.

    I kid.

    I think the easiest way to look at gay marriage is very simple. Look yourself in the mirror and ask if it truly affects you. If you're straight, it doesn't; and who cares, let the gays marry. If you're gay, it affects you and you should have the right to marry. Boom. Gay marriage solved.

    It's up to the churches if they're willing to perform the ceremony, but that doesn't really matter either. The government is the one truly providing the benefits with a marriage, or civil union, if you feel like marriage is strictly a religious term. People are really only looking for equality, and that's not too hard to accomplish.

    I don't understand the ad, and it's slippery slope ideas. It has nothing to do with gay marriage, and the examples provided are vague. It's never stated that any kids were forced to dress up against their will, or that they were forced into assuming same sex relationship roles. It just sounds like schools were being maybe a little too progressive, and touching on subjects that parents weren't comfortable with having their kids learn.

    If that's the case, maybe the schools shouldn't be trying to teach lessons about this stuff. Maybe that's the parents decision as to if and when their kids should be informed about different lifestyles. The one message that should be taught from both sides is one of tolerance and acceptance. Pretty sure Jesus wanted everyone to treat each other with love and kindness. Even if you don't agree someones choices or lifestyle, if it doesn't affect you, who cares? But maybe keep bedroom stuff out of the classroom, other than basic sex ed.

    It's just as dumb as the "If we let the gays marry, why can't we marry dogs or trees" argument, though. If your kid turns out to be gay, whatever. It wasn't a choice, it wasn't a taught or learned behavior, it's just what it is.

    Except for retards with multiple genders and identities. Those people are attention whores and I'm convinced they do more harm than good. You're not an apache helicopter, shut up.
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