The first two episodes don't have much of it, as they are more of a prologue for what comes next. The moment the main character gets aboard the titular vessel, the story starts to take a turn towards tumbling down the rabbit hole, going through the looking glass, into a world beyond the one you know. Boldly going where no one has gone before, indeed...

The book is gifted to the main character by her stepmother on her way out of school, and many of the images and ideas are sort of hints at it (fungus-like spores that need a giant caterpillar creature to be of scientific use, for instance), but more than that, the very tale itself is one of going somewhere it's not easy to come back from. Space is huge, after all.

Last night's episode is the last until January, when the series starts back up. I won't give anything away, but the whole 9 episode series is worth watching from beginning to end, if you've nothing better to do and don't mind subbing to CBS All Access, I suppose.

So, this is a relatively open topic...any discussion of the thematic elements of fantasy stories in general ought to be alright.